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  1. spiders. blues/blue sox. buckeyes. bulldogs. forest cities. guardians. I could go with anyone of those
  2. nope. no name change. no colour change. maybe a logo/crest alteration but that's it. their identity is perfectly fine.
  3. wanted to see the heat wear their gorgeous vice blue jerseys at least once but knew that wasn't going to happen.
  4. I won't be rooting for them but fingers crossed it's sockeyes.
  5. oh that makes sense. it's still a little...um...did they not notice how much of a certain word it looks like or no? and I actually do like the secondary as well.
  6. ugh. I hate this so much. charlotte fc is such a boring, unoriginal, and uninspired name. the logo is alright and the colours while I would have preferred something a little different are not bad. I don't really understand the CLT thing, if anything it should be CHA or CHR. personally I will be referring to them as the crown when discussing them. I was so excited for the name reveal and I can't believe this is what I woke up to.
  7. my fave four were: (in no partucular order) town, crown, monarchs and athletic. I kind of like town/crown the most because I like the idea of referring to them as either 'the town" or "the crown". charlotte fc is just plain boring and unoriginal, gliders isn't bad necessarily just not nearly as good as the others. I just wish teams would try a little harder than "city fc" or "city united" like they thought about it for more than 5 minutes.
  8. charlotte crown, charlotte town, and charlotte monarchs are my favourites of the bunch. I could live with charlotte athletic. charlotte fc and all carolina are just plain lazy and gliders is just kinda meh.
  9. personally for me sockeyes, steelheads and metropolitans are the best choices. where I would probably choose sockeyes over any if I were to root for this team.
  10. maybe their mascot could be kazuchika okada.
  11. especially being from kentucky. and I am in the "I hope it isn't kraken" camp.
  12. my high school alma mater in texas are the rebels. when they began it was very heavily confederacy themed but around the 70s switched over to more of a cowboy motif. think a cross between a texas tech red raider and a oklahoma state cowboy.
  13. I have a purple rockies cap. it's one of my favourites. of course I love purple, but I really with the rox would use it more than they do.
  14. I love these. I need to get me one of each this year, hopefully I'll make it out to the new ballpark. I've been wanting to get a red rangers hat to go with my blue and I love powder blue as well.
  15. I'm an almost life long texas rangers fan, but if I was somehow in charge of the team (which is probably a good thing) I would highly consider changing them to a brown/powder or sky blue colour scheme.
  16. as a mavs fan I would LOVE to see them bring back the green more regularly or even permanently.
  17. kind of mildly surprised the sod poodles aren't on the list. but then again they are a first year team.
  18. think I enjoy your totems/sockeyes scheme the best. if sockeyes is indeed the name chosen, as reports appear to have it as the front runner. I'd love it if they used a model similar to those as their logo/uniforms. I also certainly hope they add a shade of green/dark teal to the rumoured red/black colour scheme. I dig that ochre red too.
  19. rangers. they have 'texas' on all jerseys. also, agreed, they should have a blue cap.
  20. other than the name...*sigh* these logos and colours are pretty solid. definitely might have to get me a hat, at the very least.
  21. I think sod dogs is definitely a great compromise between a unique but pretty terrible name in sod poodles and an infinitely better prairie dogs. they get to name them after the animal and have we have our own unique/original moniker to call our own. plus I bet most people probably would have just ended up calling them "soddies" or "dogs" or "sods" or other variations anyway.
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