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  1. Nope. I'm done with this website.
  2. How about the Easter Bunny as a mascot logo?
  3. Toledo Rockets: - Intergalactic stars around the keys. - Outer Space sideline. - 'Rockets' wordmarks are half-visible for effects
  4. San Diego State Aztecs: - Aztec fabric patterns in the lanes - Steve Fisher signature - The name of the font for 'San Diego State' and 'Steve Fisher Court' is MontezumaAncient. UP NEXT: Toledo (Star Wars-inspired court) Hawaii (Will make references to the Hawaiians popularizing surfing) Kansas (Wizard Of Oz references such as a gloss yellow brick road sideline mixed in with 'The Phog' references) Cal-Davis New Orleans UNC-Wilmington (Cape Fear skyline court) Seton Hall Austin Peay (Tuxedo lane) Texas (The primary logo will be outlined with Texas Ranger (not the MLB team) stars) Oklahoma
  5. The timeline is the line used to determine backcourt violations. It is required on every court.
  6. Florida State Seminoles (Revised): - maroon/tan/maroon/tan/maroon stroked three-point line. - Spears across the timelime. (You will need to zoom in on your browser to view the court clearly)
  7. Just figured out why the courts are so pixelated: The problem is that the hosting site, Tinypic, is shrinking the courts to where it's all pixelated. You might need to zoom in on your web browser.
  8. North Carolina Tar Heels (Revised): - Air Jordan logo in the lane as a tribute to MJ's days at UNC. - Old Well at the center of the bottom sideline separating 'Our State' and 'Our Game' - Tar Heel foot logos across the bottom sideline - 'Hark The Sound' across the baselines - Triple-stroked lines - New ACC logo
  9. St. John's Red Storm: - St. John's primary logo over the New York City 'Big Apple' logo. - Madison Square Garden 'MSG' logo. - New York City skyline across the sidelines. - Lou Carnesecca signature.
  10. That certainly isn't a minefield ricky. Just an attempt at trolling, guys. So how about the courts?
  11. You said: 'THAT'S a coal-mining facility'
  12. But you were calling it a minefield earlier
  13. Now you're calling it a coal mine after calling it a minefield?
  14. Then that's a third place you could call a minefield.