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  1. I'd throw way too much money away if those Pirates jerseys were real. Great job.
  2. God I hope so. I'm buying a road Kessel jersey as soon as I can.
  3. Joachim Löw, German national team coach during his time with Eintracht Frankfurt.
  4. Clemente Bridge for the PIrates, then Downtown Pittsburgh and Station Square.
  5. I second the Armed Forces Bowl with the Pitt script helmets.
  6. Any Chance for Malkin with the new Pens alternate jersey?
  7. I haven't seen anything about it, but does anyone have any news on the Penguins third?
  8. Group A Mexico Brazil Croatia Cameroon Group B Chile Australia Netherlands Spain Group D Uruguay England Italy Costa Rica Group E Ecuador Honduras France Switzerland
  9. Whatever happened with this? I was hoping to see what was in store for Buffalo.
  10. Definitely do the Washington Sentinels form the Replacements.
  11. Aside from the Bandits, I'd love to see a Toronto update.
  12. I've been enjoying this entire thread. I keep forgetting to comment. Easily one of my favorite threads on here. Amazing.
  13. I'd just like the stripes to be a little more subtle. That's all.