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  1. I agree 100%. They could officially become "Long Beach State Athletics", but then would people start calling them the "A's"?
  2. Agree. With such short notice, I find it highly unlikely it's a full redesign (e.g. the 2000 Lakers redesign). It would've been leaked that a full redesign was coming. My prediction: Current template with a reversion back to the proper gold and some other slight tweak (new collar or new template) OR An updated version of showtime similar to this year's City Uniform They really didn't maximize the profit potential with this though. Stick with the same uniform this year since a lot of people will buy LeBron's jersey, then next year do the redesign.
  3. The vibe I'm getting from the concepts, the Cal message boards, and articles is a desire to go more traditional e.g. bringing back the Joe Roth memorial unis A modernization of those unis (darker blue, matte blue helmet, custom number font, etc.) would be awesome.
  4. Absolutely love those Magic unis...just wish they would bring them back full time already. Still by far the franchises best look ever, IMO. Agree, I would want to change the font though. The retro font is way too "90's".
  5. There's a consistent theme throughout many uniforms which is featuring patterns more prominently on the socks, which I definitely agree with. Some of the patterns are a bit too modern for my liking (Bills, Redskins, Bucs, Ravens, Texans, Denver), but overall very good. Really like the Panthers, Cowboys, Pats, Giants, Raiders black hole, Eagles (which looks very Oregon).
  6. Agree with all of the comments above. I could see them having your updated D logo as a primary and their current logo as an alternate.
  7. The more I see Oregon State's unis in action the more I like them.
  8. I've read many articles that claim that the logo/uniforms are "dated". But in your opinion, is the current Denver Broncos uniform/logo now historic/classic enough to where anything but minor tweaks would upset the Denver Broncos fanbase and/or uniform fanatics? I think so. Here are a few reasons why: Started the "modern" uniform trend in 1996Is now 17 years oldIs relatively modest compared to current "modern" uniformsBroncos won all Super Bowls in these uniformsLast uniform worn by some all-time Bronco greats (Terrell Davis, John Elway, Shannon Sharpe)Jason Elam set the longest FG record in these uniformsPeyton Manning tied the passing TD in a single game record in these uniformsSome image links:
  9. I'm a big Cal fan, but uni wise, I'd have to give the nod to NW. If you remove all yellow from the collar of the Cal unis, it would improve the look a lot.
  10. A or C. B just screamed "minor leagues" to me for some reason.
  11. In web and mobile, "flat" and simple design was started before OS7. I know everyone hates Microsoft, but when they released Windows Phone 7, that was really the start of the flat and simple trend in tech.
  12. 77 also. I scored poorly on the serif fonts (40-50's)
  13. Just came in here to say that Ray Lewis' facemask looks ridiculous. This isn't halloween.
  14. Same. I thought they got rid of black when Harbaugh came in.
  15. The Stanford concept is excellent. I don't like the gradient on the Cal uniform at all. The rest of the concepts are solid.