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  1. Up next is L.A. (I am following no specific order here) I had to include the Burger king logo, and a fair share of Forum Blue, and yellow. Noting too too out there in this one, was severely lacking in inspiration the last few days.
  2. Pretty much. Sometimes there will be ones that go hand in hand, but I am just throwing together four creative takes at a team. Having fun and killing the boredom. Appreciate the feedback!. .
  3. Today (and last that I have created right now) is the Vancouver Canucks I went two entirely different directions with the Canucks. Part of me really wanted to play up the Johnny Canuck lumberjack logo, and imagery which is where the two plaid jerseys come in. I adoringly call the top right "Canadian Stealth Mode". While I understand that they are not probably NHL level of jerseys and are minor league, I love them and think they are "cool and unique". The two on the left are more a nod to the Canucks we know, with modern logos and colours, but vintage style inspired arm and waist stripes. Also threw on some flying V imagery, but adorned it to the shoulders instead of to the chest. Stay tuned (if anyone actually is following along) because I will keep updating as the jerseys keep being created.
  4. Third was the Buffalo Sabres I want to lead off by saying that I really don't love the whole Goathead era, because they are the Buffalo Sabres not the Buffalo Buffalos, and that era doesn't reflect their actual nickname very well. That being said, while I did ignore the primary logo from that time period I still used some logos from that era, and the colour scheme from it. Upper right hand side is supposed to be a remix of the Turdburger jersey, with the red jersey from the Goathead era.
  5. Up next were the San Jose Sharks. I really love their plethora of logos that are available for use, and did my best to insert the gradient from their secondary logo into the jerseys on the top without it being gaudy. I really hope the Sharks move towards their more realistic logos at some point, and with that in mind I have tidied up their white jersey and used one of the newer realistic logos onto that. I know the sharks hate waist striping, but I like it, so I put it in there anyway.
  6. Up first was the Toronto Maple Leafs! The top left is inspired by a historical jersey, with the colours inverted. Bottom left is a recreation of the 1950s/60s primary, and 2000s alternate with the updated logo. Bottom right is a mismash of different green elements the Leafs franchise has work into one jersey, and top right is inspired largely by soccer uniforms, and is just supposed to be completely unique.
  7. I have started a new NHL redesign that I have been posting on Reddit so far on r/hockeyjerseys but figured I would share here too. I have done 4 teams so far, which I will post here right away, and will be working through the other 28 at whatever pace I can get through them at. Open to feedback, but please be aware that I am not necessarily trying to make what I think the team should wear, or will wear, just being creative and killing time. Enjoy!!
  8. dkc

    Maple Leafs Alternate

    Thank you. It is an idea I have been working on slowly, and carefully for a while, and then the Hockey Jersey Concepts contest pushed me to finally get the ideas from draft stage into finished state. I'm glad that someone like you didn't beat me to the punch while I was procrastinating!
  9. dkc

    Maple Leafs Alternate

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate the feedback.
  10. Hey all! So this is the design of the Toronto Maple Leafs alternate jersey that I did for the latest contest. I explained my reasoning behind the choices on the logo, but if anyone has any questions I am happy to answer them. For reference these are the University of Toronto logo and Toronto Arenas logo that I mentioned in the image, and the 1934-37 jersey that was mentioned. I am pretty happy with how this turned out, but as always comments, questions, and critiques are always welcome! Thanks in advanced.
  11. Here is my series of heritage jerseys for the Maple Leafs anniversary season. If anyone would like more HQ images I can post those for each jersey. C&C is always welcome
  12. As I am sure many people have since the Chris Creamer broke the news of the Maple Leafs redesign, I took a stab at a new look for the Leafs. The design which I made is completely different than anything the Leafs have ever worn before, but still looks classic, although not in the traditional sense. I also threw together a basic centennial patch to go along with the jerseys. As always, comments and criticisms are always welcome!
  13. dkc

    St. John's Ice Caps

    Here are my concepts for the most recent HockeyJerseyConcepts Contest to design jerseys for the St. John's IceCaps for their new parent team the Montréal Canadiens. I took some inspiration from the current Montréal jerseys and twisted them slightly to make them unique. Here they are. Let me know what you think! It is pretty clear where the first two came from, by changing the angle of the horizontal stripe on the Habs jerseys it gives them a completely different feel and look, and still (in my opinion) looks classy and not out of place on a hockey jersey. The third jersey takes advantage of the grey which is in the IceCaps colour scheme, and the very popular alternate logo and makes a bit of a clash kit. The colour is light, so it would probably have to be used in replacement of the white jersey, not the red one.
  14. Well it does use the same typeface. Hmm... But I can't seem to match any part of that logo with the teaser image that Chris posted. Chris is just trying to throw us off... The teasers have NOTHING to do with the actual logos. Can confirm 100%. I have seen the new logos and Chris is trolling us hard right now!
  15. If Chris wants to get in contact with me, I can help make these happen. Let's talk -- Guys!! There is going to be hats!
  16. The logo is straight from a former LA Kings logo, sunglasses and all. The glasses are gimmicky, but they are accurate, and sort of appropriate for a stadium series game.
  17. I don't think the purple looks bad (when it replaces the silver / grey) but I prefer the lighter more muted grey colour in this case
  18. I can't recall this "purple" which you speak of. Perhaps you are referring to "Forum Blue"?I mean the old kings purpleI think he means the purple from 1998-2011. Forum Blue is what they called their purple because they didn't like the word purple. I was just trying to be humorous and refer to that.
  19. I can't recall this "purple" which you speak of. Perhaps you are referring to "Forum Blue"?
  20. I don't know if many people agree with me but I think that the Stadium Series jerseys had a lot of missed potential this year, especially for the LA side of things. I think their more muted colour pallet bodes well with a half / half design, and tried to show that here. Gone are the gimmicky chrome or whatever designs on the logo and white pants, instead, a gimmicky logo altogether. Straight from the 1990s, INTRODUCING!!! the Sunglasses Lion logo!! This logo is lifted from the shield that fans either seem to have a love or hate relationship with. Why the Sunglasses Lion? Well the game is outside of course. You need sunglasses to keep that California sun out of your eyes. So without further ado the concept! Anyway... If you have any comments, or criticisms go for it. I am all ears. But not really... A person who was 100% ears would have a hard time typing this out since they wouldn't have fingers.
  21. dkc

    The Mixup In Motown

    That is the point though! It is supposed to be Stadium Series like, so that is "floating logos" for the Stadium series. I agree that it looks better w/o but then it wouldn't really be all that stadium series like.