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  1. I just saw this photo in the New York Times today... What's with the Heat putting up banners for Olympic participation? It's not even affiliated with the team! Also, whats that banner on the far right? The pic in the times is clearer, but it looks like it says "Ron Culp - NCAA Athletic Trainer" - What??? Looking for explanations... http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/113484686/Getty-Images-Sport
  2. I think the team just does it if they feel like it? I know the Red Wings do the same, but the Sabres do not do this (They were the "Eastern Conference Regular Season Champions" in 2007, but there is no such banner mentioning it) What about the other 28 teams...anybody got info on what they do?
  3. Beat you to it on the previous page (although they are shots from me ) It's weird seeing the recolored banners having fresh creases in them, especially when the feats were accomplished ten to twenty years ago. oops, shoulda read the last page hehe. This may be a bit off topic, but I LOVE that D.C. Lottery Logo. It screams 1970s, which I love. Looks like something I'd find on one of my other favorite sites, So Much Pileup, a 1970s design site: http://somuchpileup.blogspot.com/
  4. I hate when teams do this. The Canucks did the same thing a few years back. I don't mind if they re-do banners so that they're congruent and reflect what the team wore when they won. Ie, the sabres redid thier 1998 Northeast Division and 1999 Eastern Conference banners in 2007 so that they'd match the other ones, but they redid them in black and red with the goathead even though the team had switched to the slug at that point. There's a pic somewhere...
  5. Tomorrow night. Im pretty sure the banners wont go up, but already be up. If it was just the division and conference ones, they would, but since its those, new versions of the 8 current ones, and 3 other new ones, it would have to be one huge raising. (then again...that would be a pretty awesome sight, now that I think about it.) ....I did not know the Pens were replacing all of their banners. Updated designs? Or were they just old and rotting, like the Oilers?
  6. when is the Penguin's opening night? I want to see their banner go up...
  7. That's what I hate about the Brewers' retired numbers. Hank Aaron didn't wear that goofy font, why should his retired number be saddled with it? I sometimes wonder about this myself - - It's pretty much a lock that one day, the Sabres will retire Hasek's 39. But will the retired number be done up in blue and gold, or black and red? The years he is most remembered as the amazing sabres goaltender would be during the black and red era of the late 90s...
  8. This is the banner that went up in 1999. The one that went up the year before looked exactly the same - - white background, goathead, secondary logos in the corners, and it read "Northeast Division 1997-1998 Champions." Which is really awkward word order.
  9. I totally agree here...was there a lot of outrage in vancouver over this? This past season, the sabres actually replaced their 1997-98 northeast division champion banner and their 1998-99 eastern conference banner, but they redid them in the black and red colors from that era. it really made a lot of sense to fix this - - the other 2 banners did not match the style of the old one, they were both white, and it looked flat out dumb. I'll try to find some pics..
  10. I am always searching all over the internet for pictures of NHL Arena rafters, with pictures of the championship banners and retired numbers. However, they are almost always hard to find; the photos are few and far between. To me, its cool to see these things, because they're part of the history of each team; a connection to the past. I also like to see the patterns of the banners - - for example, in buffalo, divisional banners are the primary color of team (either blue or black) and the conference championships are the secondary color (either gold or red) and trophies are white (presidents, and one day Stanley cup) I also like to see the differences. For most teams, they put up a banner if your conference champion, but the pics i've seen of detroit have "Western Conference Regular Season Champions" banners as well as "Clarance Campbell Bowl Winner". Does anybody find this stuff kinda cool? And does anybody have any pictures of their favorite arena rafters with the banners up there?
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