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  1. As a Falcons fan, I actually really like these. And I guess since I'm the target audience, that has to mean something...
  2. So, who's getting fired for taking/posting these pics?
  3. Maybe they assumed the Raiders might use just "Vegas" like the Golden Knights?
  4. You do realize that the Kraken has been in literature since the 13th century, right?
  5. hrivnak

    NHL 2017-18

    As a Preds fan, I actually like them better than the homes. I wish the homes would've done the inverse and added blue shoulders. They are just too plain right now.
  6. hrivnak

    NHL 2017-18

    A little bit different than I was expecting. Not sure I have an opinion yet.
  7. Looks like the font they used for their end zone when they went to the Super Bowl against Denver I believe you are correct. Here is a better picture of the logo. Wow, that's a crappy anniversary logo. It's so lopsided and slapped together... I guess it's better than the Thrashers' 10th anniversary logo. We don't have a good track record of those in Atlanta, I guess...
  8. Pitt just posted on their Facebook page that they will be wearing helmets with the old script logo in tomorrow's game. (No word on any other changes.)
  9. Just discovered this thread, but I wanted to throw in a story that is ripe to be written about... you could pretty much blame the death of the Thrashers on a trade made in the NBA. Due to the trade of Joe Johnson, the owners fought with each other in court, which basically prevented the owners from dumping the Thrashers. So, when the lawsuit was finally settled, nobody locally wanted to touch the team because they had done such a horrible job of mismanaging them. If they would've been able to sell the team at the height of their popularity (their one-and-only playoff series), the team might've stayed in Atlanta (with an owner who might've put money into them). The story of the Flames move to Calgary is almost as sad.