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  1. I've had the reverse reaction. I didn't think it would bother me much at all when the addition of the logo was announced, but now I can't stop noticing it.
  2. A small handful: -The Ducks need a uniform refresh, but they definitely shouldn't go back to the Mighty Ducks look except as a throwback. It's cheesy, dated, and has a pretty unappealing color scheme. The webfoot "D" isn't wonderful or anything, but it's good enough. -Unless you wear black batting helmets, they shouldn't have a matte finish. On other colors, it just looks dull. And if you're using that finish on black helmets, you're being unoriginal. -Long pants in baseball aren't great, but they're acceptable if they aren't too baggy. It's better than the late-90s/mid-2000s sweatpants style, where they end at or just above the ankles. -Related: If every player wore long socks or especially stirrups, those looks would not be as cool. I like the diversity.
  3. Maroon-maroon-gold and all-maroon are Minnesota's best looks. I'd love the gold-maroon-gold too, if not for the Ski-U-Mah stripe on the helmets.
  4. I love both the skating and robo penguins, but they can't coexist, unless one is only used exclusively for throwback purposes. Having two penguin logos in different styles is redundant, and it detracts from the overall unity of their branding.
  5. The last year Spurs won the league was the same year that the Vikings came into existence, I believe. Our time has been about as painful as yours: after a surprisingly low number of typical expansion team years (i.e., sucking), we made the Super Bowl and got torn apart. No worries, we've got plenty of time to make it again. And we did. And lost again. And again. And then once more for good measure. The NFL Films highlights of the Vikings from the 70s include losing those four Super Bowls, losing a playoff game to the Cowboys on the final play (or at least one of the final plays) on what may have been a missed pass interference call, and one of the best players in franchise history running the wrong way and into his own end zone. And that's a shame, since the team was really good for about a decade, in particular the defense. We made the playoffs a few times in the 80s, losing painfully to Washington at one point, then made it a lot more in the 90s. Of course, in the process, we gifted the Cowboys the foundation to their run of Super Bowls by trading for an aging running back, but let's ignore that for a moment. We again came within a play of making the Super Bowl after a 15-1 season, but our kicker, who was perfect all year, missed a field goal that would have won it, and the other team's kicker did not miss his. We passed the ball a bunch until we started sucking and having lake orgies in the mid-2000s (this is where I began my fandom), but gradually got better until we managed two consecutive years of winning the division, only to lose to the Saints - who put a bounty on our 90-year-old quarterback that we kind of stole from the Packers - when on the final drive of the game, to send us to the Super Bowl, we ha ad twelve men in the huddle penalty, and then said 90-year-old quarterback threw across his body like a moron and turned the ball over. The Saints won in overtime, and when it turned out that ancient quarterbacks with bad legs don't stay healthy forever, we started sucking again the next year. Two bad coaches later, we appear to be on the way up. Ignore the fact that our running back, who isn't really worth keeping on the team that much longer anyway, missed most of last year for beating his kid, and the front office is just kind of okay with holding onto him. We moved into a dome in the early 80s, which was really loud inside (even after being caught piping in crowd noise) and a pretty cool scene, and that lasted for a few decades, until the roof collapsed under the weight of the snow and we got sick of peeing into troughs, so we're staying at a college stadium in Minneapolis while the new one, which looks like a modern art project instead of a stadium, is completed. Oh, and we hate the Packers. I at least have begrudging respect for the franchise, but I don't know how common that is. The short version: You will never trust a moment of happiness again.
  6. As bad as the officiating was in the Norwich-Palace game today, Norwich need better defenders so badly. Bassong was decent, and Whittaker had a good day on the attack, but otherwise the back line was dreadful. No way we stay up with that quality.
  7. This presentation is a different kind of bad though, and it's not something only Nike does. The lighting is such crap that you can't see the details of the uniform very well. This is more annoying to me than the other stuff, as absurd as it can get.
  8. Over the top is the phrase I was thinking of. It's something I might think would look kind of cool in my head but discard when I actually saw it in front of me. Maybe a skinnier, subtler chain and no anchor might work?
  9. I see that now, but it still looks bad. Such a weird shape. I hate it when Oregon does it too. I do agree that they do it better (ignoring the decision to use chrome, and the worse decision to use it on a yellow helmet), since it at least matches the rest of the look. San Diego State's sticker just sticks out so much.
  10. I can't decide if I love or hate those San Diego State uniforms. The helmets definitely need two alterations though: the stripe would work better either with a uniform width or a much narrower back; and the logo sticker on the back has to go. It's a pointless addition that looks really out of place.
  11. This has always been the complaint about the TC that I've never understood. I don't at all think the red blends in with the navy; I actually think it makes for a good contrast.
  12. Interesting release by Umbro. Would like to see an actual photo of the kits though, as cool as the comic book concept is.
  13. Norwich have put out their third kit. I can't think of anything nice to say, so I won't say anything at all.
  14. I 100 percent share this opinion. The volt and triangle texture are just too much for me.
  15. For the "worst" list: Other bad ones, though many have already been mentioned: Reggie Miller, Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy, Harold Reynolds (the man who made me miss McCarver), Joe Buck (baseball only - I like his football coverage), Hawk, Paul Allen, Jesse Palmer, whatever the name of Gus Johnson's football color commentator is, Lee Dixon, Alexi Lalas, Adrian Healey, Taylor Twellman, Eric Wynalda, Steve Busby (FS Southwest's Rangers play-by-play guy), Phil Simms, Jon Gruden, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa, and Brian Baldinger. And personally speaking: I love Doc.