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  1. I usually really like the simpler ones, like the Patriots MHK patch, but my favourite has to be my hometown Spitfires shoulder patch for Mickey Renaud.
  2. It's quite impressive to see how much you've improved since the beginning. Now these aren't outstanding, of course, but they're very good, much better than anything you've done before. I thought I'd say that before getting to the uniforms themselves. I actually like these better than Syracuse's uniforms, both former and new. I really like it when a schools uniforms are the same throughout, although that's a personal preference, I'm glad you used the basketball numbers. There's a few ways to improve on these, of course. as upperV03 said, 'Cuse looks like 'Cube. Clean the wordmark on the jersey up, and I'd lose the apostrophe. Just 'Cuse' works, IMO. The U on the SU logo looks like a J. Make both the S and the U noticed equally. One more thing I would suggest is to keep the striping consistent. On any blue, use O/W/O, on any orange, use B/W/B, and on any white, use O/B/O.
  3. Use the different shades of blue to show waviness in the mane and in the fur. EDIT: I forget what a buffalo actually looks like, don't they have thick, bushy fur? Guess you cant show waviness like in the Lions logo, then.
  4. This looks great, though I don't like the shoulder yoke and the wraparound. What font did you use for the numbers for Oregon State?
  5. The cap logo is a bit awkward, but it seems as though it's the best possible given the shape of the architecture. My only real problem is the nose. It looks a lot more like a pig snout than anything. Make it more pointy, maybe? Overall amazing work. Send it to Louisville.
  6. It's great! But as others have said, I don't see the beak.
  7. Sometimes you have to go out of your way and make things less realistic to get your idea across and executed better. Sticking the panthers foot into view is something that has to be done, regardless of the reference photo. It's great, but not your best work.
  8. Brave-Bird 08 said it best. The Chiefs are a red team, and I don't think nameplates look good in any sport, definitely not football. EDIT: I just noticed you posted yourself that your uniform looks a lot like McDonald's All-Americans. I saw you make a Saints concept which you described as ''ugly''. That's C&C of your own you really should take before posting these.
  9. Your jerseys side detail doesn't match up. Red panels, yellow side detail? White shoulder detail on the side detail box, yellow with red and white stripes on the jersey? If I'm wrong, by all means, point it out to me, but I'm confused. I really think the Chiefs are one of those teams that would look great if they were modernized, with a pro combat jersey or something like that (unpopular opinion, I'm sure) but they need to be red.
  10. Oh my god... I don't play a few of these games but this series is sweet! The possibilities are endless with the Elder Scrolls, you could go Imperial vs. Stormcloak, as you've already promised to do, you could also do a Dark Brotherhood set, Nightingales, Thieves Guild, Forsworn, Blades, Volkihar, Dawnguard, and even uniforms for every hold guard. Trust me, by no means do I expect you to do all these uniforms, but it would be a very pleasant surprise. As for the Imperials, I think they would have a much more regal uniform than the Stormcloaks, who could have the head of a bear pelt as the helmet, a play on the headdress Stone-Fist wears. The Stormcloaks seem like they would be a much more gritty football team, for example, the Patriots vs. the Browns. I think the uniforms would reflect that as they do in the NFL, and it seems that's the direction you're taking this. Great job. Perfect.
  11. If you can remember the episode where Moran attended the captain ceremony, no two former captains had the same jersey on. Ochocinco had a modern jersey, and some of the jerseys had absolutely no orange whatsoever. I don't think you should stick with the uniforms they had in the show, but it is your concept.
  12. Take these into Inkscape and perfect them. If you're going to post them as ''rough'', they're not ready yet. Also, don't make your stripes according to the helmet, I'd try it on a few different types of helmets. Your helmet for the Chiefs wouldn't look so good on a REVO Speed helmet.