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  1. So the Golden Baseball League recently released schedules for its 2007 season, and it included the first I've seen of any logo whatsoever for the next team this season, the St. George Roadrunners: Does anybody else have any idea if this in fact the official logo? If so, its design seems like a far departure from the other GBL teams...
  2. Another use of the "C" is the Chico Outlaws of the Golden Baseball League:
  3. A lower-division college, known for baseball and drinking? Gosh, that sounds familiar...
  4. Interesting fact: At the opening of Bronco Stadium in 1970 (green Astro Turf back then), Boise played Chico State. Okay, maybe there's some bias in mentioning that fact...
  5. Related story in the Mt. Shasta Herald New uni on the left, old uni on the right. As a Siskiyous alum (and former team statistican...I sucked at football, I admit it), I have to say I have mixed feelings. It's great to see the team have it's own special logo instead of the Philly wing ripoff, but it's still sad to see that wing go. However, thumbs down on the red numbers. It just doesn't look right.
  6. In 25 years: 1) Soccer doesn't getting any bigger, except for the six months following each World Cup. 2) Hockey declines, lacrosse gains. 3) Minor league baseball system is fully replaced by regional-based indy leagues. 4) AFL forward motion rule is adopted by the NFL (because all the fans want more scoring, right? ) 5) Speaking of the indoor variety, AFL teams are named after companies and no longer cities (The Universal Studios Avengers defeat the GM Rampage for the title). Like the cockroach, the NIFL still hasn't died. 6) NASCAR runs points races in at least six countries. 7) And just for fun...let's have golf linebackers! *Imagines Terry Tate saying "Try to make the putt, I knock you on your butt!"*
  7. No, but in the history storyline, the San Diego Cyclones relocated from Sacramento.
  8. ...the primary is kinda small, but is that a dude riding a kangaroo? (red kangaroo kinda makes sense). If so, it's a shame they went under...
  9. Man, put together the Blitz crew with "Playmakers" writers and you got a whole lot of people with some (somewhat understandable) anger towards the NFL.
  10. 25 yards long and 65 yards wide? Did you mean 65 yards long and 25 yards wide?
  11. Just gave my vote to Thunderbolts. Here's how it looks at 4:28 PM Pacific: Desert Penguins 25.7% Fightin' Falcons 49.7% Desert Stallions 2.6% Sand Storm 11.3% Desert Bats 1.3% Scorchers 1.3% Sun Sox 2.5% Thunderbolts 1.0% Geckos 0.5% Sand Sharks 4.1%
  12. Well, I can say one thing, it's a whole hell of a lot better than the old Yuma Bullfrogs on the Western League. Bob Linscheid used that joke at the Chico Outlaws name annoucement.
  13. ...They're going with white helmets this time around?
  14. Okay, here's some updates on the rest of the Golden League... Yuma's nickname and logo will be announced Jan. 18 (sorry, won't be in Yuma for that one...) Fullerton's nickname finalists: Flyers, Falcons, and Fury. Long Beach's nickname finalists: Alligators, Armada, Pike, Bad Tigers, Pilots, Shark Pack, Dragons, Eagles, Vikings, Hammerheads. San Diego's nickname finalists: Jets, Sailors, Sand Sharks, Sluggers, Splinters, Sun Sox, Surf Dawgs, Surfers, Tomcats, Waves (all this from Golden League website)
  15. Now, I'm relativly new to Aussie Rules (yeah, poor Yankee), but I'd say the league' best option right now is moving the Bulldogs to Tasmania. *Makes it six states *Bulldogs are struggling *Tasmania, if I'm recalling my info correctly, has been solid in support for matches played there... EDIT: said five states first. Whoops. Double-check...would be Tasmania, QLD, NSW, Vic. , SA and WA. Six. Got it.