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  1. I know the navy Rams helmet is the traditional color but I wonder how it would look slightly lighter - like the Giants blue. The Giants used to have the same issue of the helmet navy blue not matching the blue jerseys until they brought back the NY helmet with a lighter metallic blue color in 2000.
  2. Ravens. I know they have 2 SB with this set, but its dated in a 90s way. Not a fan of the cartoony birdhead with the 90's style swooshy "B" and the goofy numbers with multiple outlines and shadows. The Maryland flag inspired shoulder logo reminds me of a police uniform. Its very fussy and then ironically they added plain black yoga pants to it. I know the original shield "B" with the wings was a copyright issue, but I could see an iconic motorcycle-inspired logo featuring wings with a stylized "B". Simplify or get rid of the helmet stripe and simplify the numbers outlines. If they use a custom number font, maybe something more angular? And stripes on the black pants.
  3. I agree - dimensions aren't the issue. There are plenty of excellent helmets with more horizontal logos. My issue is that wordmark looks so generic. Yes, it's condensed, italicized and underlined to give a more "giant" effect but it's still generic and bland. People who like the "GIANTS" helmet are just nostalgic for the 80's. The NY has a bit more personality and works better as an icon/logomark.
  4. That's cute but not an exact analogy. "Raven" in the dictionary is also defined as an adjective for the color black - i.e. "Raven colored hair". So the Ravens didn't just pick black because the bird is black. The word "Raven" literally means "black". This is what makes all-black unique for their branding more than any other team.
  5. I know the sixers just updated their unis with side piping, but I think they should revamp their whole set. Time to move on from the Iverson era and return to the red/white/blue palette.
  6. I love seeing the Cowboys in blue. The only guaranteed time for it is when they play the skins in D.C. Have the skins ever worn burgundy jerseys at home?
  7. I agree. I don't like when uniforms go overboard like the Bills - but I need to see something more than these plain practice jerseys. Some tasteful detailing, number outlines and striping. I will say that I like those Cowboy practice jerseys. Must be the navy numbers that actually match the navy blue star on the helmets.
  8. i'm a ravens fan and i hate every part of their uniform. and the all black look is the worst - looks like they're wearing tights. Their all white road unis are blah - i'm not a fan of the dark helmet/all white look by any team. Their overall look is cartoony - from the bird head on the helmet to their number font and secondary "B" logo. The secondary logo crest on their sleeves makes them look like cops. I think they should revamp the raven head to be less cartoony...use the 2 tapered helmet stripes throughout the uniform to unify the whole look. Use the same stripe on the pants and make shoulder stripes like the colts unis - except make them taper to a point like the helmet stripe. Make the combo white jersey/black pants and black jersey/(gasp!) purple pants.
  9. that silky shiny stuff looks feminine. i miss the mesh
  10. ravens need to scale down their logo crest at midfield. its huge! I'm not a fan of that crest anyway - they look like policemen with it on their sleeves.
  11. Bucks should go with green and gold. Green and red looks like xmas. Their current green and purple doesn't have enough contrast. The wizards need a new logo - the "w" shaped wizard guy looks amateur. The sixers need to get out of the 1990's.
  12. Nice and clean. A simplified ode to the bears and cubs head. I think the facial expression is fine. If they made it overly aggressive or angry within this style of illustration - it would look cartoony. The wordmark is uninspiring and the curved type looks amateurish. Logos in the nba aren't as prominent as in the nfl/mlb (helmets) or nhl (sweaters), I'll reserve full judgement for the unis.
  13. Sixers: I know AI's jersey was a top seller a few years ago but their logo just screams 1990's - too busy and too many colors. Ironically i think they should go back to the mid-90's unis - iverson's rookie jersey. The font for the name and numbers are perfect and have a colonial feel to it. I wouldn't mind going back to an updated 1983 championship uniform either...definitely should go back to red white and blue. Phillies: I know their unis harken back to the 50's, but it's boring. It's not horrible, but its not memorable or distinctive either. Not a fan of the curvy numbers and the blue is used as an afterthought. Actually they should go maroon. It would be more distinctive - and set the phils apart from all the other teams that use primary red. The maroon is a strong bold color and works well with a (gasp) powder blue. Flyers: Not a big hockey fan...but when I think of the flyers, I think of orange as the primary color. I would reverse the set back to having the black jerseys as the alternate. I don't have a problem with the logo itself - I like the simplicity of it. I hate the current orange alternates with the silver and 3-D effects. Eagles: Close to perfect. Ditch the black alternates. I like what they got, but I wouldn't mind seeing them reincorporating silver into their scheme more. How about a return to silver pants and slightly more noticeable silver lining on the numbers?
  14. i think the mlb needs to brighten up and stop teams from adding black trim for no reason. the phillies should go back to that unique burgundy, the red sox - red caps for one uni at least, the pirates - gold caps...marlins with the teal (teal gets a bad rep with being associated with the early 90's but i think it fits well with a florida team rather than the overused black). the padres can go back to brown and still look classic - maybe a darker tone of brown and subtle uses of golden yellow. I like the concept of their new khaki road unis but the rest of the design was blah. as for exceptions - i'd prefer the angels go with a navy cap with red "A" and brim. and i think the orange brim doesn't work with the orioles cap for some reason - maybe i just don't like the realistic bird.
  15. i'd also love to see the "baltimore" script return to their road jerseys. I don't mind the orange on the grey as long as the black outline is thick enough to pop them out. I think they should go back to orange scipt and numbers for their home unis - the current ones are looking bland and colorless.