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  1. ingmar66

    French Hockey Ligue

    These fun facts are hilarious! And some of the teams look quite good (Strasbourg, Lyon and Paris). But the others need an upgrade in logos and uniforms. The concept is very original!
  2. Work on the eyes and put in some white accents (within the red of the ears, for instance). And white teeth! Good logo, though, reminds me of Spike (of Tom & Jerry)!
  3. Love these uniforms! Get rid of all the blandness, indeed! That third uniform is so cool, the Cups look like they have been made out of Lego, while continuing the striped horizon design. Brilliant!.
  4. RB Leipzig is steadily climbing the ladder in German soccer and it is a worrying development: the board of the club (totally inaccessible for outsiders) consists of stock carrying cronies of the soft drink owner who do not care about sports or soccer fans at all. Everything is artificial about the club, supporters are seen as background extras who do not need to be heard by the club (their financial contribution to the game is more or less meaningless, as the main source of income is the subsidizing by the extremely rich Red Bull owner). The main purpose of the club (as is of all the extreme sports Red Bull is sponsoring) is to draw a lot of media attention in order to sell more cans. Call it innovative marketing if you like, it has nothing to do with feeling sympathetic towards sports or showing empathy towards its passionate practitioners and followers. As soon as another aspect of modern life will generate more money, Red Bull will vanish from the sporting scene. That the product itself, being endorsed in a sports environment, is actually bad for your health (especially for young people, the main target group) is extremely ironic. On the other hand, this is 2014 and companies with strong brands rule our lives because we allow them to do so. They simply tap in to our global yearning to feel as one big, happy, virtual family who all want to consume the same way. They have taken over our sense of identity from inefficient and self serving politicians. That we have given up our identities and are nothing but a flock of sheep being led through life by the big business sheepdogs, who cares? Pass me the Red Bull!
  5. Sorry, still prefer the original logo. All the adjustments do not do it for me. The jerseys are great! What I would like is Gales in a nice handwritten script (in gold) through the bottom part of the logo,
  6. Great logo, great story, cool colours, cool hat! The purple and dark graphite works best.
  7. That Sunday home alternate uniform is so good. The other ones are solid, but this one stands out, especially the hat: what a gem!
  8. New York Red Bulls? Just kidding. But on the other hand, this logo is a vast improvement over their current corporate logo. I just do not like Red Bull (both the drink and the logo).
  9. ingmar66

    Dalhousie Tigers

    As for the monogram, I would put the T on top of the D, the T sticking it to the D...mmmm, I don't know. The white yoke is the better one, makes the tiger logo pop up a little bit more.
  10. The horse has a relaxed look, gazing over the landscape of North Dakota. I like this concept a lot and the nickname Nokota, which is unique.
  11. Very nice. Now do the Florida Panthers and the Nashville Predators, please!
  12. Yeah, drop the missiles (pun not intended) and the contrail (which makes it look to anime-like) and you have a winner.
  13. ingmar66


    I am not a fan of MLS but I would buy these three shirts right away. By far the best looking set of uniforms in MLS! Your version of the NYC logo makes it look even more like Inter's logo. But that is a nice nod to the great Italian club, whether Man City and the Yankees like that or not. Good thing you left out orange socks for the third kit: both the blue and white socks will look cool with the orange shirt and shorts.
  14. Seahawks, take notice! This should be your official alternate logo! Lime green is present, in tongue and eye, and that will do for this excellent logo!
  15. The U trying to look like Notre Dame with gold helmets and kelly green shirts is a look that they probably ditched for a good reason. Miami is not Notre Dame. These two institutions are very different in every sense, including the colours and styles of uniforms. Stick to the orange and dark green, maybe a little black thrown in. The gold details in your design are quite nice and very interesting from a historical point of view (those old helmets are cool), but the U should never wear any gold again.