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  1. Hey guys! This a little fun concept I'm doing. I already did a Blackhawks version
  2. I did use the primary but I thought the alternate was better because it's similar to the Chicago Bears helmet with the "C". Still, here ya go!
  3. Hey guys! This is just something I made out of boredom. What do you think?
  4. This is a solid upgrade. It matches the fonts a lot more. You can straighten the logo but keep the helmet design tilted.
  5. Cool. I'd love to see a red version
  6. I like the orange helmet! I think numbers look too small and condensed. I also think the logo on the jersey is unnecessary.
  7. When it comes to sporting equipment, the two everyone goes for is either Nike or Adidas. After hearing news about Tennessee University going to Nike and Arizona State going to Adidas, I wanted to know which is the better brand? I just want to know who you think produces the better equipment. It can range from soccer, american football, basketball, etc. I personally think Adidas is best when it comes to Soccer.
  8. This game was over a minute into the game when Steve Young hit Jerry Rice with a long TD pass. The 94 49ers where one of the best teams in the Super Bowl era, while the 94 Chargers were one of the worst. The 49ers were 18 point favorites and covered the spread by winning by 23, and it wasn't even that close. This was one of the biggest mismatches in Super Bowl history and was the worst Super Bowl I had seen until this years At least SD put up double digits. Can't say the same about SB 35 and 48. Those two are the worst in my opinion
  9. I think the red and white collar should go around the jersey