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  1. It'll be interesting to see how they paint that on the field. I don't have a good feeling as to where this is heading.
  2. I was wondering the other day, I wonder if anyone has ever looked up how many time the NFL/NFC has scored in the AFL/AFC end zones and vice versa? I may have to do some research.
  3. It's growing on me. They seem to have improved every year since the horrible 51 wash out job. I have to believe that was due to the turf though maybe?
  4. That Pewter endzone is super nice!!!
  5. I just don't understand why you wouldn't want the conference logos anywhere on the field. That is so crazy.
  6. What if they went crazy and did orange for Tampa?? What would that look like Pitt??
  7. We'll have to keep an eye out on Twitter most likely.
  8. Pitt6pack, have you ever thought about doing the Rose Bowl fields or maybe the BCS/Playoff National Championship games?
  9. They should let us all design the field for the upcoming XFL Championship!!!!
  10. It's been pretty difficult to get a look at the field this week. Anyone else having any luck?? I know they moved the weatherbug cam those dastardly devils LOL.
  11. You're probably right. We can all dream anyway though LOL.
  12. The NFL should let the Rose Bowl crew design the Super Bowl field.
  13. Why do they not want the conference logos in there? Are they trying to get people to focus on the "League" and not have conference loyalty? I don't get it.
  14. Confirmed: Chiefs yellow end zone!!!
  15. Watch them not even paint the end zones like the College Championship. I shall rent my clothes and sit in a pile of ashes to mourn.
  16. OH MAN!!! Are they painting the numbers??!!! No helmet for the Chiefs.
  17. I saw last night they had monitors set up so they may be rehearsing something and cut the feed off for that. I hope anyway.
  18. I would be down with this for sure. Love those conference boxes from XL. If the Chiefs endzone was yellow or the 49ers gold...it'd be an all time classic.
  19. Call me crazy but what if...they put the super bowl logo at the 50 like in the XXXI-XXXVII games but then put the NFL 100 logo in the endzones with the team name and logo and colors and put the team helmets on the 25's??? Just small team helmets. 2 of the 49ers on their 25 and 2 Chiefs on their 25. Down closer to the sidelines. Would that look gaudy and cluttered?
  20. Yes sir. I expect the colors to be darker/brighter depending on the shade used by the time the game rolls around. I'm sure the field will have been painted 2 or 3 times by then.
  21. A good picture of the midfield logo. if I could figure out how to get it on here.
  22. I think today is the day everybody!!! Will they finish off the endzones??!!! Wooohoooo!!!!!
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