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  1. Personally, I don't mind the current Dolphin logo, I never liked the angry Dolphin. I happen to see it all the time living in South Florida. But I will say is a big fail is getting rid of the Dolphins script wordmark.
  2. That rule of thumb is stale and needs to be put to bed. And trust me, being a New York transplant Islander fan that moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1995, I thought Florida having 2 hockey teams was idiotic. I've since changed my tune. 1. This isn't 1910, you don't have to wait until a pond freezes to play the sport. High five to technological advances in refrigeration. 2. So many northern transplant hockey fans live in sunbelt cities, do we have to forfeit seeing a live NHL game because it doesn't snow here? Ridiculous. Seattle is on the cusp of getting an NHL team, I lived there too for 9 years. It snows 2-4 days out of the year in the city. Hardly a bone chilling blizzard. Winters there are mild, ponds don't even ice over. Leafs, Habs, Wings, Blackhawks, Rags, Pens, Bruins, Devils, Flyers, and depending how good they are doing that season Isles are big draws to Cats games 3. Auston Matthews & Shayne Gostisbehere. Matthews went to Coyote games, Gostisbehere is from the junior Florida Panthers program. There are players in the league now where Florida, Tampa, Dallas, Arizona, Carolina, Nashville, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Anaheim always had a team. 20+ years! It's not an invasion of sunbelt talent, but players are coming up the ranks and are not only getting into the league, but are high draft picks. and that should be recognized. Tampa and Nashville fans have shown how passionate they are for their teams respectively. Panthers suffer from previous ownership groups that weren't devoted after the year of the rat. But if they had ownership that were active, gave a $@#% and built a winner, more fans would show up period. Has nothing to do with outside temperature. Vinnie Viola seems to be taking steps to rebrand the Cats, market them better, and build on their talent minus moving Tallon from GM for a season. Like I said before, I love the Isles, but I realize if I don't give some support to the Panthers, I won't see them or any of the top names in the game right now. A lot of transplants need to do the same if they live in a sun belt market.
  3. @mattyports anyone justifying this hit is not a fan of the game, just selfishly a fan of their own team.

  4. @flapanthers Clear the zone! @ BB&T Center https://t.co/itRIr6w1hX

  5. @FlaPanthers thanks for the upgrade seats! Had a blast! We'll get the W next game! #LetsGoPanthers https://t.co/iT4sP8Ttct

  6. How are you supposed to drive with such a distraction? @ZeronSales @FLHSMV https://t.co/HfizTGeRBc

  7. @arseblog @gunnerblog Is it mandatory Arsenal play 10v11 against Chelsea. Did I miss when the FA passed this motion?

  8. RT @HisAndHers: The Jordan Cry Face was out in full force this weekend. https://t.co/y5FTX40ToO

  9. They dodged a bullet. If the biggest gripe is about the decal being bigger and the grill is chrome, you're splitting hairs. Pewter is still in tact = GOOD! No other team in sports can claim that color.
  10. RT @ericwolfson: Things That Can Be Considered Threatening Weapons In #Florida:(a) Skittles(B) Popcorn© Loud Music(d) All Of The Abo…

  11. I'm thinking a pewter tinged chrome as opposed to a silver tinge chrome for the whole helmet. Like what the other guy suggested with the Rutgers helmet. The candy flake of the helmet is probably scrapped. An even more updated Bucco Bruce as the decal. I'm still waiting for the day an NFL team has 2 different design decals on either sides of the helmet. Watch them introduce some 3D style hologram for the decal. Nike likes to push the envelope with new techniques. Honestly it's a shame that Tampa felt they needed an update probably out of pressure being the only Florida team that hasn't since Nike taking the reigns again. they have one of THE BEST brands in sport design. Dolphins update is OK, it's been growing on me. Jaguars did nice with the new cat, but botched the helmet and uniform going two tone. Bucs were not threatened. We'll see.
  12. I like the presentation, the way you incorporated/tweaked their current colors. Personally I like your rendition of their crest, than their current. And props for not putting a soccer ball in it. There is a big backlash in Europe right now over the "Americanization" of crests and naming with teams. When it comes to crests: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Everton and Crystal Palace are examples of clubs that have updated their look in the last decade or so and have received unfavorable comments by their fans for the over stylizing of crests. Fans don't think it looks authentic, it's more corporate. Majority of MLS clubs are trying move away from that especially with naming the clubs and what appears on the badge or word mark. Orlando City's nickname may be the Lions, but in soccer the nickname is not really incorporated. People just know Man United are the Red Devils, Real Madrid are el Galacticos, Arsenal are the Gunners and so on. Orlando City will also probably get some schtick when they do enter the MLS for having a star on their crest as stars typically signify winning the league or some championship.
  13. RT @timpayton: As Arsenal haven't spent anything this Window, & have £100m in cash reserves, RT if you think should cancel 3% price increas…