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  1. Been away from these boards for a while, but Great Work, all of it. It was my pleasure giving you feedback on teams like the Brewers, Rockies, and Giants among others!
  2. Baltimore, Boston, New York, Tampa, Toronto. At least one, maybe two will be predictable. The rest should be interesting!
  3. The more I look at this set, the more I'm moved to say that the all navy treatment of the home pinstripes is mighty fine!
  4. Nice job here. Pinstripe road is the weakest part of it but as you said, even you dont like it too much.
  5. Interesting! Giants are going to nearly last, I suppose. Sugestion: Giants current alt script over a proper football for the crest. Cream home, orange away, black clash.
  6. What about plucking the feather off of Chief Wahoo's head and incorporating that somehow? Also, as you might know, there is plenty of precedent for a C logo on the left chest. EDIT: 1) come to think of it, the headdress on the 70's C as you have is quickly growing on me. 2) Neither here nor there I suppose, but compare: 1928 logo vs. US Nickel of 1913-1938 vs. DC Gridiron vs. Blackhawks
  7. Or even a C on the cap would work. This would incorporate an element from the 1933-1950 and 1987-1990 eras. Another element to consider for the mix would be the ca. 1967 cap.
  8. My vote for adding red to the color scheme and the rest of my sentiments still stand. I think where I'm not feeling this concept the most is that the hat with the straightened calligraphic mark just don't look right. The new road jersey is the great improvement I thought it would be. Home jersey 1 looks better
  9. Actualy, Coco, it would not only incorporate the late 70's, but the a number of pre-WWII looks as well
  10. I think I have a recipe for you: Colors: Black, Red, and Silver. Black replaces Blue in any non-black era I refer to Home and Road: Beach Blanket (1982-1986) template for the jersey, adding '87-'89 caps. Home: 1982-1986 jersey with silver outlines on the word mark, numbers. and names. Thin silver stripes flanking the red ones on the white side of the center stripe complex. Home Alt: 1951-1963 throwbacks Road: Straiten this wordmark, Silver trimmed White letters in the black stripe, thin white stripes flanking the red ones on the grey side of the center stripe complex. No need for a 2nd Alt
  11. Good: The White Sox wearing white socks The St Paddy's day altThe pantsThe rest just does not mesh too well. Edit: Yeah, ScoffingYayap, Adding red would incorporate a couple of other eras.
  12. Using the old logo as the benchmark, the placement/size of the ball in the new logo is off. But, on second thought, the outline of Texas is off in the old one. Hmm.... I take option two and suggest the following fixes: 1) The center of the ball and the center "barbs" in the vertical stroke of the "T" shoud be closer together, if not in the same place. Move and/or scale the Ball accordingly. 2) Shrink the star in the "R", starting by shrinking it to 80% of it's height.
  13. Yeah! While youre at it, make an "M" that meshes with the rest of the "Mariners" wordmark that does not look like the bad luck upsidedown trident.
  14. Gotchya, onward to Seattle! Wait...Looking at the green jersey in the 72-80 set, the A is white on yellow, not yellow on white as you have. Rationale for yours? Also, while my brain is percolating on this, the elephant would pop even more on the green jersey.
  15. Agreed on all points. If you're inclined to humor me again, what if the A's move to San Jose? This is something that I would not mind a bit but other Giants fans are not too keen on.
  16. Eh, that's not gonna happen. The Giants only wear that "SF" alt on Sunday road games. Hate to break it to you. Haha. There was a Last year or year before where we broke that protocol in Arizona.
  17. White Sox beach blanket uni, pants number aside, is one of the best ever. I'm hoping for the uni match-up illustrated here to happen in the game tomorrow!
  18. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Solid kit for the Anaheim Angels! I'll just imagine that the navy alt and "Angels" road jersey do not exist in the first set and that the "Anaheim" jersey is their road jersey. However, I've always thought of the Angels as the Red Yang to the Dodger Blue Yin in the greater LA area baseball scene.
  19. Here's how the home set looks with red socks. I like it; should I change the undershirt to red too? You ought to go the full nine and make the belt and undershirt red. He's been going alphabetical, so it's the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim. Speaking of which, while it would break alphabetization, I'd like to see them go back to being called the Anaheim Angels. Any chance of that, David? Yes, the Angels are next. I have thought about going back to Anaheim, but I think I'm going to leave them as Los Angeles. They have actually now played more years as the Los Angeles Angels as the Anaheim Angels (14 to 8). They were the California Angels for 32 years, for whatever that's worth. In the end, I am deciding to leave it because the organization obviously wants to be associated with LA. Understandable, but could you please humor me with an "Anaheim" version of whatever road grey you come up with? Thanks.
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