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  1. And a couple more: Indianapolis Colts Like the Bucs and Browns not much changes. I find their current shade of blue to be pretty drab so I changed it back to a more vibrant royal blue. Added sock stripes and blue pants, and kept the 'anvil black' swooshes. The alt is a Baltimore Colts fauxback similar to what they wore for a couple years, but in black. Arizona Cardinals Was not aware there was a contest going on here when I made this so I guess this is my belated entry. The Cardinals are overdue for a redesign so I went with a modern take on their old uniforms. White has been removed with a 'sand' color, and the alts are throwbacks:
  2. Got a couple more teams ready; nothing crazy here, just a few tweaks to some already great updates: Cleveland Browns Aside from the solid brown Color Rush, the Browns update is great so not much has changed. I liked the shadows on the old set so those are back, and I added an orange jersey and pants. The fourth jersey is a throwback with a white helmet; in this redesign the one helmet rule is relaxed a bit. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Again, a great look that they probably never should have strayed from, but since they did, I tweaked the striping a bit and brought back the creamsicle throwback. Instead of a pewter jersey I paid homage to the crazy alt jerseys in NFL2k5 by adding a black jersey. Now, they'd probably never actually do this, but everyone else in the division gets a black jersey so why not?
  3. Felt like making some concepts after seeing all of the uniform reveals this offseason, here we go: Atlanta Falcons I don't hate what they unveiled, I think with some tweaks it'd be pretty good No gradients, small wordmark, etc. I think the biggest missed opportunity was not switching back to a red helmet; red helmet/black jersey would've been a unique look and the throwback would be accurate. The side panels and pant stripes both taper to a point to avoid never lining up. Los Angeles Rams Thought I'd try making gradient numbers and bone work. This is sort of a modernization of their previous, mismatched look. The home uniform only uses yellow and orange, and the away navy and bone. Yellow and white jerseys serve as alternates. Thanks for checking these out, I'll post other teams as I finish them, or until I get bored
  4. Sure, here we go: Atlanta Falcons The rumor: return of the throwback, new uniforms for the new stadium This one may be a bit of a stretch as I wasn't able to find a lot on the Falcons when it comes to uniform rumors. But before unveiling their current alt they teased the return of a throwback, and I also seem to remember that they might update their uniforms alongside the new stadium, so let's combine those two. This is a bit of an update to an old concept I made a while ago that's sort of a modern update on their red helmeted throwbacks. Red helmet returns, with a black primary jersey. Gold also returns as an accent color. The alt is still a throwback and the color rush is red. Alts: I have another team done as well: Carolina Panthers The rumor: New owner, new uniforms? I believe owner Jerry Richardson said that as long as he owned the team, the uniforms would never change. But now that he plans to sell the team it seems almost inevitable that they will. Reading through the wonderful Jaguars rumor thread I feel like the recent mockups that have been popping up would be a decent look for the Panthers, with a few tweaks. I know black helmets/tapered pointy stripes for the Panthers is a bit of a cliche at this point but I think it fits the theme of this concept series pretty well. Black helmet/uniforms with Carolina blue accents, silver only remains in the logo and as an outline on the numbers. Carolina blue alt, blue pants are an option with all three jerseys now, and the color rush is silver: Alts:
  5. Y'know it's funny, I actually had three different versions and wasn't sure which one to go with, but looking at them together it does sort of look like a faux-alternate history:
  6. Alright, next team up is: Green Bay Packers The rumor: The 1994 uniform update I guess this one is less ridiculous internet rumor and more of scrapped redesign. So apparently in 1993 then-GM Ron Wolf proposed a uniform update for the Packers that would have replaced their current yellow gold with a darker, metallic shade. According to this these new unis would have had no stripes anywhere, logos on the sleeves, and gold outlines on the numbers. I mocked it up without stripes and wasn't crazy about it, so this is what I ended up with. Added white pants as an alt, kept the navy throwback, and added a green color rush Alts:
  7. Hey there's an idea, maybe for some crazy alt Just a small update tweaking the Dolphins and Titans slightly (added the alts in spoilers to reduce clutter):
  8. So, the other night while figuring out who to do next I had an idea to make this Dolphins concept even more 'Miami'. Let's keep orange in the palette as a logo-only color and do something like this with the sun: Thoughts?
  9. Yeah those are tough to read, though when I first starting making these I tried adhering to the rumors as closely as possible, which stated silver numbers/blue stroke (it also said red numbers/blue stroke for the silver alt but it looked even worse). I'll be updating the Titans later. I agree, for some reason the jaguar spots always look off to me. I thought about adding them to this concept but decided to keep it pretty tame, since word on the street the new unis will be more conservative. Alright, two more teams! Dallas Cowboys The rumor: C H R O M E I remember this image was floating around for a bit: and many thought these were the new Cowboy duds, so I used elements from this for mine. Chrome helmet, sublimated stars on the sleeves, silver strokes on the numbers. Like the Broncos I used colors from the past that are sort of an in between to the two shades of silver and blue they currently use (silver is more of a silver/blue, and the blue is a dark royal, not quite navy). Although in a bit of irony because the helmet is chrome it still doesn't really match. Silver alt and the color rush stays the same. Had a hell of a time getting the chrome effect to look right so I finally broke down and downloaded a free layer style from giallo86 on deviantart. Link Las Vegas Raiders The rumor: Gold accents Some rumor popped up stating the Raiders will be adding gold outlines to the numbers and logo as well as the helmet/pant stripes. They used gold way back in the day so why not? I tried using Vegas gold (cause ya know, Las Vegas Raiders and all) but it didn't look very good so I tried something a little brighter, closer to those Colorado throwbacks. In addition to the gold, added a wordmark on the chest to differentiate this set from the ones worn in Oakland. Gold alt jersey added. Color rush is still the whiteout with all the gold removed, and added black to the pant stripe to match the rest Alright, who's next?
  10. Agreed, it looks much better than I thought it would. Thank you! I would also agree that the Titans are my least favorite. Teal pants do look pretty good! Haha, well that's a relief! I noticed you neglected to deny the addition of pink though, hmm... Brb, gonna post on Reddit real quick. Totally agreed on the Browns, too. Oh yeah I remember that now! Cowboys will be next. You know I had the opposite reaction, I tried it without black and it just felt a little too blank. I don't think your redesigned logo needs black or any third color imo, and I'm really digging that whole thread! Thanks for all the kind words! Dallas as well as another team are up next, in the meantime I tweaked the kerning on the Browns and Dolphins, which have also been updated in the original post (the Titans will need this too but I'm going to take another stab at them first).
  11. Here's a few more: Jacksonville Jaguars The rumor: Gold helmet/pants, teal primary I don't see something like this happening but I actually kinda like the way it looks. Kept the current logo/number font. Chrome gold helmet/facemask, black is relegated to a trim color. Jersey is a little more 'traditional' looking and the pants feature a full pant stripe that tapers off just a bit at the bottom for a little modern flair. Black jersey becomes the alt with teal for the color rush Miami Dolphins The rumor: Adding black I took a few liberties with this one. I remember back before their current look was announced there was some rumor that the Dolphins were adding black to their palette because the stripes on a zoomed in, pixelated picture of the new helmet looked kind of black. Aqua, black, and orange is a little too close to what Jacksonville wears but luckily I drew some inspiration from mcrosby's logo redesign - what if orange was also replaced with pink? Brightened up the aqua and recolored the logo to match new palette. Helmet/pant striping remains about the same with pink being more present than black. New number font with a black drop shadow, the throwback remains the same and pink of course becomes the color rush. Tennessee Titans The rumor: Red primary, silver alt, new logos, 'battle-scarred' helmet. I'm pretty sure a lot of this one was debunked by a recent video released by the team but it's still interesting to think about. Can't think of a team that's totally overhauled their colors like that since the Bucs. Recolored sword becomes the primary logo. Textured silver helmet, red primary jersey with a silver alt. Silver, white, and red pants with a Columbia blue color rush. Sublimated greek pattern on the sleeves. These are all I had planned on doing, but they were actually pretty fun, would love to do one for each team. Are there any other absurd rumors you've heard about a team that wound up being false? Post them here and I'll try to bring them to life!
  12. It seems like every year as details trickle out that teams are getting new uniforms, some random 'source' pops up claiming to have seen the uniform in question and provides an over the top description that sends this board into a frenzy. Maybe it's not a good idea to enable these rumors with mock ups but I thought it would be fun to take these crazy ideas and make concepts out of them. Cleveland Browns The rumor: White helmets, 'total overhaul' Added numbers to the helmet, reversed the number/shadow colors on the home and away. Took the notched stripe design from their current look and kept it floating within the sleeve a la OK State/extended it further down the pant leg so that it's almost a full stripe again. White striped socks for all, orange alt, and white fauxback for the Color Rush. Denver Broncos The rumor: the Color Rush jersey becomes the primary Kept the logo and number font from the current look, brightened the colors back to their earlier shades, added white and blue jerseys/pants. Orange remains the Color Rush. Here's every Broncos concept on this board ever Denver: Thanks for checking these out, I have a few more that I'll be posting in a bit.
  13. Shamless plug time? Ok here we go:
  14. Sure! And here are the final four matchups of the season. I think that's about it for this series. Thanks for checking it out! Week 13: Minnesota vs. Dallas Week 14: Kansas City vs. Oakland Week 15: Seattle vs. St. Louis Week 16: Philadelphia vs. New York
  15. Here are a few more matchups: Week 8: Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Week 9: Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Week 10: Baltimore vs. Cleveland Week 11: Carolina vs. New Orleans
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