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  1. RT @thedesirina: The GOP insists that the Vegas shooter's gun arsenal is "a right," but medical treatment for his 500+ survivors is merely…

  2. RT @thehill: Royal Caribbean cancels cruise, sending ship to pick up evacuees in Puerto Rico https://t.co/7zTOxRWPa6 https://t.co/ULujPbE9Sf

  3. RT @BIacknmild: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) https://t.co/WHXrCRKTHD

  4. RT @darrenrovell: Redskins owner Dan Snyder, whose team issued a statement as the National Anthem started, locking arms with players https:…

  5. RT @dodo: This rescued cow is super affectionate — so it's a good thing he found such a loving family ?? https://t.co/yvmXZrrB26

  6. RT @darrenrovell: Great shoe...if it's a $75 price point. https://t.co/dN5LrQnghd

  7. RT @SMFmsoccer: Game day!! At home versus NC Hoover 1/3p at soccer stadium. #belegendary #getsome

  8. RT @MarcoDeFalco_: The fact that @MrLapara isn't in this ...@MLB @Indians @SportsCenter https://t.co/nQm2IhShzR

  9. Thanks for your advice! I've been having a lot of trouble with the spikes and with the ribbon would you say it's the font, the shape...
  10. I've been tasked with creating a logo to be used for a spirit wear fundraiser for my high school soccer team and I'm hoping for some criticism of my drafts. The logo is supposed to relate to the Bulldog logo I have included below. Please tell me what I can improve!
  11. RT @FauxJohnMadden: Did You Know: Following the Raiders move to Las Vegas, the largest American city without a NFL team is now Cleveland.

  12. Thanks so much @Captain Tsubasa!!!!! I will definitely take your advice into account while compiling my final drafts.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm currently a junior in high school and an aspiring graphic designer with a sports obsession. I've been following the concepts on this site for years but never posted/created my own sports designs. Recently I've created some rough concept jerseys for some youth premier soccer clubs in my area. For the jerseys for some unexplainable reason I decided to work from a screen shot of a template that @raysox posted a while ago. Also the brand I used for the jerseys is a small but growing company based in my area called Un1tus which has full-dye sublimation capabilities and is used my many clubs near me. Truly my goal for these jerseys is to send them to the teams, and if they want to use my designs I will then include the jerseys in my portfolio when applying to college. However before I sent them out I wanted some professional C&C. So lots of C&C please!!!
  14. Second row is the best in my opinion.