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  1. Black, blue, orange, and white. Pretty rough. Sigh.....Russell Athletics I hope i live to see the day when HBCU's can afford better
  2. Hey fellow Paint users. I've spent the past couple days recreating football templates to give them more of an "On field" feel that I personally prefer. I'm still working on the backs to the Under Armour and Mach Speed templates, but I wanted to share what I have so far. I'm also attempting to make Adidas TechFit jerseys. C&C welcomed. Under Armour: Nike Pro Combat: Nike Mach Speed: I'm still working on the back of the jersey and trying to get the collar more polished (it refuses to cooperate lol). Nike Elite 51:
  3. If you're still taking request, can i get a "BP 85" logo? Much appreciated.
  4. Team #3: New Mexico Thunderbirds Home Options: Away Options: Hispanic Appreciation Uni:
  5. Team #2: Virginia Flyers Home options: Away options: Gold Alternate: Decided to change the number font at the last minute. Just looked better on the gold jerseys imo. Retro look:
  6. Team 1: Memphis Royals The logo is a simple royal blue M on a shield, surrounded by the 3 stars like the Tennessee state flag. I used the old Adidas template from the Ms paint paradise thread, but couldn't find adidas techfit pants to go with it. Home: Away: Retro Look: All White Alternate: C&C once again welcomed.
  7. What's up fellas. I'm here to make an update on my first post ( Rather than add on, I decided to start over and take a little more time with the project. For better or worse, I'm still using MS Paint, so some of the fonts/numbers are still kinda fuzzy, but hopefully you'll understand where i'm trying to convey. The teams will all have different sponsors (Nike, Adidas, Reebok) like the NFL circa late 90's early 00's. Here is the UFA logo: I wanted to keep the logo pretty simple and make it something that would fit nicely on the collars for the teams. The top left is the official logo, gold will be used in championship games, lower left is military appreciation logo, and breast cancer awareness logo. C&C welcomed
  8. Redsoxboi, do you have this template for MS Paint?
  9. They all have a blk helmet and those 3 d@mn clawmarks! Can't recall the last panthers concept that didn't
  10. I like all of these. However i think the Pats home unis would look better with a blue collar and maybe it's just me, but the Jets remind me of Hawaii's set from a distance. Still dope though. Your logo's are well done also
  11. Cool How do you feel about the uni's themselves? Anything glaring that you see?
  12. Trust me, I know these teams all deserve a proper branding/identity. I honestly can't even look at my Memphis logo. Like I said in the OP though, i'm gonna go back and do each team's branding/logo's one-by-one once I get comfortable with Inkscape. I just didn't want to post these teams with only the uniforms. Do you guys think I should post the just the uniforms and helmet or continue posting uni's with a reference logo? Honest opinion. Thanks for the feedback/suggestions
  13. Yeah I tried to tilt the numbers, but for whatever reason it made them blurry. I'll keep at it though. 'Preciate it