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  1. no those logos are off center. look at STL's helmets his logos are placed in the center
  2. yea but this is a concept section not a design section.
  3. that looks a whole lot better but i am not a fan of the white beak
  4. Coming from a HUGE cardinals fan, I would not like to see these on the field, Only because the first one is almost exactly the same to their current Uni's and the second one i believe is a touch too plain. Maybe add some more detail?? and keep the beak yellow please!! That's classic for the cards but i like how you used he state flag sun rays on the sleeves!!
  5. I may shut this thread down, the reason being i really want to work on my work and perfect before i start posting again. Thoughts??
  6. hey can you send me that very first football template in PM??
  7. could you post the link to that template? if not i just need somewhere or someone to give me tips on how to make your own template.
  8. heres an updated Ole Miss with a white logo instead of red. Thoughts.
  9. Here's an Ole Miss Helmet that I think would go nicely with their red uniforms.
  10. That's a great idea that I've honestly never thought about. I only have a phone, which makes learn editing software almost impossible, and I have tried in the past, but teaching myself is a little difficult. I'll see if I can do it here, but as I've said above I live in a second world country at the moment, things are inconsistent and difficult to come by. If I can't copy my templates now I can always do it when I go back to the US in a year or so.I completely understand.But I didn't realize you didn't live in America/Canada where most people on these boards live. If it's alright, may I ask you which country you are living in at the moment? Just interested haha The Philippines, disaster relief from Typhoon Yolanda. I'm actually 17, so I came with my parents who are actually working here.Oh ok. I'm 16 so I'm pretty close to your age, hope you have a safe time in the Philippines and a safe trip back to the U.S. hey man i give you major props. i had no idea you were at the type of disadvantage with technology. Keep doing you man. And lol I'm 15.