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  1. 13 hours ago, Silence of the Rams said:

    Seeing as San Francisco just opened up a new arena. How about something for the chase center


    The San Golden Francisco State Warriors will be next up! :) 


    6 hours ago, jbird669 said:

    The Miami set is on point! I love the logo with the palm trees. 


    Love the feedback! Thank you.


    13 hours ago, Megildur said:

    I like Dallas! I think the Jazz and Pacers' editions are cooler, because you have more interesting team history to work with, but Dallas does good with what you have to work with. I do think switching the logo on the bottom of the shorts with the one on the center of the shorts could make it scream "Dallas" a bit more. An outline of Texas with the NBA logo in it (ala what you did with the Pacers) would fit more than the star with the logo IMO. Also, I think the Timberwolves, Wizards, or previously mentioned Warriors could offer up some interesting design ideas!


    Here's what I did...


    I tried out a Texas outline Jerry logo (similar to the Indiana one) but I didn't look as natural and cohesive as I wanted. I opted to go with the full event logo on the shorts instead.


    The dark uniform...




    The light uniform...




    I also adjusted the name/numbers because I noticed they were a little low on the first draft.


    What do we think?


    Golden State 2027 will be posted later tonight/midday tomorrow. I'm thinking Portland next? They're one of the four teams who haven't hosted an All-Star Game yet (alongside Memphis, Sacramento, and OKC).

  2. 2026!


    Thanks to @synged for the suggestion...we go to Dallas for the next instalment of the series.




    Here's the explanations.


    The general theme of the logo comes from this mark, which was designed and used for the 1986 NBA All-Star Game (the first time the Mavericks were chosen as hosts).


    The hat on the top of Texas is inspired by this logo, which I really want them to remaster and start using again.


    The star is the location of Dallas on the map. :)


    I don't know if this logo is my favourite of the series, but I really enjoy how it came out.


    The uniforms!


    The main design (and colours) for the jerseys is derived from these classic throwbacks. I never loved the side-piping they've used for the last couple decades.


    The main wordmark is the same script as the current primary logo (to an extent) and the number font is the one they currently use.


    The dark uniform...




    The light uniform...





    Here are the alternate colour options. They're taken from this uniform, which is just their typical double-blue and grey combo.








    Let me know what y'all think! 2027 will coming in the next couple days!

  3. 1 hour ago, synged said:

    Can't wait!


    I love all the art-deco inspiration, particularly the font from the poster. 


    Appreciated! Dallas has an interesting history so I'm looking forward to it.


    46 minutes ago, jaytavo305 said:

    Hope to see the whole league potentially, that's a tall order but this series has been awesome!


    I won't promise the whole league, but I'm definitely going to keep rolling for awhile. I'm glad you're enjoying it!


    Hoping for a couple more comments on Miami, but I'm working on Dallas right now and it will be posted this evening!

  4. 2 hours ago, jaytavo305 said:

    Let's see Toronto or dallas


    Dallas will be next! Toronto will be a bit down the line, considering they hosted in 2016.


    On 3/13/2021 at 9:31 PM, Blindsay said:

    I’m surprised Miami wasn’t suggested.


    And here we are.


    South Beach!




    Allow me to break down the main mark.


    The MIAMI ALL STAR font is derived from this famous poster. I had the Heat font in the beginning, but switched it to fit the design.


    The "building" design is inspired by Miami's art deco culture. I used this building as a landmark when I was drawing it up.


    The 2025 font is also art deco-inspired.


    Do I need to explain the palm tree?


    Also Jerry is featured in the building instead of the NBA logo. Just fit better.


    I also created this icon as an alternate option.




    And here's a better look at the text logo, which is featured on the shorts.




    And the uniforms! I've got some explaining to do.


    There was two colour combos I was considering. Their main colours or the Miami vice scheme.


    I ultimately went with the Miami vice, because I felt it represented the city and the franchise - as opposed to just the franchise.


    I went with a black jersey to represent the vibrant Miami nights...and a white jersey as a nod to the beautiful daytime in South Beach. Pretty simple.


    The main jersey design is inspired by this uniform (one of my favourite Heat throwbacks) and this one. The Heat have used pretty consistent jersey designs throughout their history so I tried my best to honour more than one era.


    The main script is derived from their famous Vice alternate series.


    The name/number font is a nod to this set, as I wanted to avoid using the regular Heat font and explore a different direction.


    The big shorts logo is an ode to this design from the 90s, when the Heat used a big flaming hoop on the right leg.


    The black set...




    The white set...




    Let me know any thoughts and comments!


    Dallas will be next up!

  5. 15 hours ago, Megildur said:


    You do make a fair point there, those 2021 all-star jerseys have tiny numbers. Because of that I'll retract my critique since it makes sense given the concept :)


    All good!


    Here's the next iteration of the series. I love doing these so far.


    We go back to Indianapolis for 2024! Due to the COVID pandemic, the game held in Atlanta this year instead of the originally-planned Indianapolis. That didn't stop the NBA from using Indiana-inspired uniforms and logos this year.


    To make this a bit of a challenge, I vowed to use none of the elements from this years set. That meant that this wordmark and these numbers were eliminated.


    Here's what I did.


    The logo for the event is the outline of Indiana from this alternate logo, combined with Jerry to create this...




    It's really simple, but gets the job done.


    The colours are a no-brainer. Classic Pacer colours from the dawn of time.


    The wordmark and font is from the Paul George-era of Pacer basektball.


    The design is inspired by these retro beauties, although I modified the sash a bit to fit the jersey cut.


    Here's what happened!






    Let me know what you all think!


    Any suggestions for the next city?

  6. 3 hours ago, jackkmart said:

    the jazz colored ones look even better i think. great work


    (new blue and green unis)


    I think they look sharp too! I appreciate it!


    2 hours ago, Megildur said:

    I love these, you've made great design choices and I appreciate you explaining all the sources of inspiration! My one gripe would be that the number on the front appears a little too small to me.


    I love the feedback! My reasoning for the numbers was I wanted to replicate this look, by having the numbers over the peak of the mountain (similar to how it's over the star). I do agree it's on the small side, but the NBA doesn't seem to care about small numbers when it comes to All-Star uniforms so I guess it would pass in real life.


    I'm going ahead and doing some Indianapolis concepts that will be posted in the next couple days. Stay tuned!

  7. 9 hours ago, jackkmart said:

    I really like these uniforms, they look great.


    A lot of all-star game logos I find to be over the top (though I can understand why they are made that way) but I really like the note/ nba logo integration.



    Appreciated! I love minimal logos over complicated ones. It's way easier to recognize.


    5 hours ago, jaytavo305 said:

    gotta love the team brown purple beauties. Can we see an iteration with the current yellow blue and green?


    Ask...and you shall receive.






    What do we think?


    I've decided to use this thread to continue my NBA All-Star Series. No use in making a whole new one.


    I'm going to go in order by doing Cleveland, Salt Lake City, and then Indianapolis. After that, I'll just predict where the NBA will host their games based on the likelihood of the city (so cities like Chicago and Toronto are out because they just hosted one).


    Here's the link to my Cleveland one...


    I'll update this section of the thread whenever I complete a new city. Stay tuned for more!


    Cleveland 2022

    Salt Lake City 2023 (v2)

    Indianapolis 2024

    Miami 2025

    Dallas 2026 (v2)

    San Francisco 2027 (coming tonight)

    Portland 2028 (coming soon)

    and more...





    The 2023 NBA All-Star Game is set to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is my idea.


    The logo (as seen above) is fairly self-explanatory. The classic Jazz note with Jerry on the basketball (while holding another basketball...basketballception).


    The wordmark I used was derived from this uniform, which was from the only other time that Utah hosted an All-Star game. For the life of me, I could not find this script anywhere. I looked for an hour and then tried to make my own, but it came out really scuffed. 


    The number font on the back is inspired by these uniforms, a rather forgotten part of Utah's uniform history.


    The design should be obvious to any basketball fan. These beauties.


    The colours for Team Siakam are inspired by these fan-favourite uniforms (which I also love). A nice ode to the mountains of Utah.


    The Team Brown uniforms are the classic retro colours that have become so famous in the NBA.






    Let me know what you guys think!

  9. I like both concepts. The only thing I'd suggest is to adjust the spacing on the Cavalry crest. The cross and mountains seem a little squished in the middle. I'd maybe remove the cross altogether? See how it looks.


    I'd also love to see you dig into the city's history for the away (and home) kits. These cities have some rich history with sport and I'm sure there's a plethora of options you could try out. While I like the black for Ottawa and camo for Calgary...I feel like there's something there that could be harnessed.


    Never be afraid to go crazy with one and try stuff out! If it works, great! If it doesn't, back to drawing board for a readjustment. I can tell you have a good eye for crests, so let your imagination run and see what happens.

  10. 5 hours ago, jaytavo305 said:

    Very well put together and executed concept! Love all the little tributes to various Cavs uniforms, the end result is really great. Nice work


    Thank you! I really appreciate that!


    1 hour ago, NormMacdonald said:

    It kind of looks like "Au Star" to me. Is there any way to keep the feel but change how the Ls connect?


    How does this look?




    28 minutes ago, jbird669 said:

    I'm liking this concept!


    I appreciate it!


    Here's some colour variants from the different eras!


    1970s - Maroon and gold!






    1980s! Royal blue and orange! I love the way it came out but the colours aren't really Cavalier-ish to me. Maybe you guys will see it differently than I do.






    1990s! As suggested by @Will94...






    Let me know what you think! I love the feedback I've gotten!


    I'll be doing some 2023 Salt Lake City ones soon ;)

  11. spacer.png


    Hello there.


    The 2022 NBA All-Star Game is set to be held in Cleveland and it got my creative gears flowing.


    I'm a big fan of NBA All-Star Games honouring the host cities (I actually liked this year's Pacer-inspired ones more than the average person probably did). The Cavs have a ton of uniform history that provide a ton of options for the NBA to draw from. Here's what I did.




    I went with Lebron's secont stint for the colour scheme for the dark uniform. I feel like it looks the sharpest and represents one of the best eras in Cavalier basketball. The wine and navy blue go together so well with the gold.


    The light uniform is drawn from the 2018-19 City Uniforms, which is inspired by the 1994-97 white uniforms. It contrasts nicely with the dark uniform and honours two famous eras of the franchise.




    I actually really like the "star" logo that that was released. It's sharp, recognizable, and honours the city at the same time.


    The script logos/wordmarks were a ton of fun to make. I used the plume design from these notable uniforms...and combined it with a retro All-Star script I created from the font called "Anhatten." I was pretty happy with the result.


    The font on the back is from these uniforms.






    The design inspiration is fairly obvious. One of the most recognizable sash/wave/swipe designs ever produced on a basketball jersey. I love them and I'd be overjoyed to see them come back for something such as an All-Star Game.




    The dark uniform uses the classic wine/navy/gold colour combo.




    The light uniform has the retro colours with the same shade of navy as the dark uniform.




    Let me know what you guys think! C&C much appreciated!


    If the feedback is positive to this concept, I may go ahead and draw up some concepts for 2023 Salt Lake City and 2024 Indianapolis.

  12. As someone who has family in New Orleans and a frequent visitor of the city...


    These are all literally perfect. I don’t get why the Pelicans resort to such bland designs when there’s soooo much inspiration *literally* in the streets of the city.


    Superb work!

  13. 1 hour ago, dwboiler said:

    Definitely like the updated guitar better. It’s a better mesh of both images but doesn’t feel forced at all. Looks great!


    I appreciate it!


    1 hour ago, MDTrey4 said:

    Was reading thru this thread waiting for somebody to recommend that because it seemed so obvious right off the bat (don't laugh at that). I think the only way to improve on this is to take the original guitar's bat shape and completely replace the rectangle with the knob of the bat. In that you might not even need the tape on the bat. Excited to see what you come up with.


    I actually didn't even think of the bat and guitar combining like that, so thanks to you and @dwboiler for pointing it out!


    Here's my second attempt and I think this one looks a lot cleaner than the first two.




    I also added the "C" in there to see if it works at all. I actually don't mind either version.


    Let me know how this one is looking!

  14. 24 minutes ago, dwboiler said:

    Is there a way to work in the knob of the bat into this some how? The bat is too subtle (if that’s a thing). Maybe reshape the rectangle below the 3 lines into a knob or make it into negative space in the shape below that. Just an idea.


    Maybe a stretch but could you turn the three lines/guitar strings into a taped ha for of a bat somehow? Again, just an idea.

    I like the idea of a guitar logo without a blatant music themed name, btw.


    Good idea. Something like this?



  15. Good evening/morning/afternoon!


    I was able to get my second draft of the concept done!


    I decided to try my hand at a Spider concept. There are a number of really good ones out there, including this one, and I wanted to differentiate as much as I could!


    I took a random spider outline and tossed it into Illustrator. The outline is cool on its own but not unique enough for people to know it when they see it. To prove my point, it's too similar to a Spiderman design. It needed something more.


    Here are four versions of a spider logo with a couple different variants.




    Also, a wordmark update and a roundel spider version (though I don't think it fits the circle theme.)





    I'm thinking of ideas for the Blues and Commodores (maybe Engines too) on the side. I want to flesh out this Spider idea and see where it goes first.


    Let me know what you guys think! I'll be around my computer all night to make quick changes so don't hesitate to suggest something you want me to try.

  16. 13 minutes ago, in_a_rush said:

    There's some good ideas here for sure. I like the Spiders and Blues most for names personally; Citizens definitely would have a classic feel but there's not a lot to work with there for a logo. The guitar logo is looking cool. A similar/alternate spin on the idea could possibly be shaping the main section of the guitar like a baseball glove. The guitar could work well with the Blues of course; maybe pair it with a C with a negative space inside of it shaped like a music note. Another option playing off the bat coming off the guitar; another logo in the set could be a full body player swinging the guitar like a bat? Just some quick thoughts, hope they help.

    Spiders and Blues seem to be popular choices.


    I’m going to try out a baseball glove/guitar because that sounds interesting. Also the C as a music note is a good idea.


    Appreciate the feedback!

  17. 3 hours ago, tron1013 said:

    I've heard a few different names mentioned - Spiders, Commodores (playing up the connection to Lake Erie), Blues (original AL team name). I've heard Rocks or Rockers mentioned, but I don't see how MLB would allow that with the Rockies already in place, to say nothing of trying to recycle a WNBA team name. I think the Cleveland Engines would be kind of cool, it retains a nod to the current name and honors the workers who've built engines for Ford for decades in the Cleveland-area. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Engine

    I actually quite like the Spiders name. I strayed away from using it here because I’ve seen a multitude of other Spider concepts, but I’ll give it a shot tonight.


    I was mulling over Rockers too. Also decided against it because of the similarity to Rockies. Good point there.


    Commodores and Blues are also interesting. 🤔


    1 hour ago, coco1997 said:

    Good logos and wordmarks. Not a fan of the "Citizens" as a potential name, though. 


    I appreciate it!


    I’m fully with you on the Citizens name. I don’t love it - just tried it out to see if it would look better in a logo.


    I’m going to retool and come up with a new name and uniform set tonight!

  18. Hello to all.


    I've been away from the boards for another year or so but I'm (maybe) back!


    We all know the Cleveland Indians are pulling a Washington and dropping their name to move away from any offensive brand material. I got bored between exams and decided to step into Illustrator and try some things out. I'll keep the explanations brief because I'm aware most of you want to see concepts - rather than read a short novel.


    I've always loved the Indians "C" logo and I really want them to keep it for the future. It's simple and clean.


    I also love their colours. I know red and blue is a bit overused, but I don't see a viable reason to change them at this point in time. (unless someone can point me in the direction of a better combo)


    My idea...


    I'm sure most of you are aware of the Cleveland Spiders. Established in 1887, they are one of Cleveland's first professional baseball teams. The team went through several name changes and rebrands, eventually becoming the Indians we all know and "love" today.


    FYI, they became the Indians to honour one of their first Native American players - Louis Sockalexis. I'd like to believe this is the truth, but the claim is consistently disputed.


    There are a number of really good Spider concepts so for the sake of being different, I went with an alternate option.


    I don't actually have a set name in mind, but I'm hoping one of you guys can suggest one. The name I'll be using for now is the Citizens. I know it's not the best nickname but I've heard it thrown around and figured I'd try and do it justice.


    My concept isn't crazy or groundbreaking but I'm hoping this is a start of a real project.

















    Now here's where it gets a little weirder...


    Cleveland is the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I figured they could be the first MLB team (in 2020) to embrace a music-centric brand.


    My rough idea was an electric guitar extending into a baseball bat. I'm not really sure where to go from here or how to use the mark, so I'd love some feedback!





    That's all I have at the moment. I'm working on some potential uniforms so stay tuned for that in the next couple days!


    I'd love any feedback and comments, little or big! Everything constructive helps!



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