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  1. Make this the road hat... Or bring back the old road hat
  2. Washington Nationals are wearing their all red hat with their red jersey, which they usually pair with their red hat that has a navy blue brim
  3. I'll give them credit, it's a damn cool jersey Unfortunately, it isn't a Red Sox jersey
  4. White Sox-Mariners scorebug on ESPN is using the Mariners' fauxback logo and colors, even though they are wearing their standard home with the navy and teal
  5. Regardless of facemask, the current Vikings helmet with the satin finish is miles ahead of the gloss helmet. When they fixed the color to match the jersey, they made it perfect
  6. Back when they were a navy blue team, the blue camo wasn't terrible
  7. Dear god no... There isn't even enough gold on the uniform to justify having a color that bright on the helmet
  8. I won't fully blame them for this because it was unexpected, and they're on the road. If it isn't better by their first homestand, then I will be more upset at how sloppy this is
  9. People keep saying the Twins and Yankees use the same color hat, but I just can't believe it. The Yankees navy is almost black, while the Twins is still distinctly navy
  10. As long as they keep them as limited use, they could be a nice dose of nostalgia. If they become like the blue jays blue jerseys, they will be horrible
  11. This is the better Royals gold jersey. And they still wear this for Friday home games
  12. Neither should have to change considering this issue literally only comes up in spring training
  13. I would argue that's the one jersey that doesn't need the teal brimmed hat
  14. Yeah, their current home is leagues above this
  15. I just noticed the Padres wear the pants they pair with their camo uniforms for ST. White, no pinstripes, with a brown stripe down the side
  16. That set was so stupidly clean and inoffensive, PLUS they won a title in it, and they decided to change it for some reason to the current monstrosities
  17. The Peter Man holds a place near and dear in every NFL fan's heart
  18. Interesting thing I've noticed from Cleveland spring training: no "Indians" on gear They have been using their current road navy alternate that says "Cleveland" instead of the one that says "Indians" that they used last year. This jersey also does not have the spring training patch on the sleeve. This jersey along with the home hat was used in promotional photos that players have been posting. Cleveland also removed "Indians" from their ST hat. Every single piece of gear in photos they have posted on their social media from ST says "Cleveland", even in the road script. So is it possible that they are going with a soft retirement of the name this year? Electing to wear the navy road jersey for home games instead of the white or red jerseys that say "Indians"?
  19. God the Marlins need a regular season alternate in that blue color
  20. I really miss the 2008-2011 World Series logos where they went all in on the "Fall Classic" motif. Every logo in that era was autumnal colored and had leaves in the logo. Great fonts, and not any terrible looks. Kinda wish they would go back to it
  21. A WS logo with Atlas holding up a baseball globe could be a cool concept ngl. Don't know if it would actually work, but it sounds cool
  22. Only thing I don't love about that quakes kit is the stupid sponsor logo
  23. I wish they would just modernize the 80s-90s world series logo and stick with it
  24. Can they just commit to the royal already? Having two different versions of the exact same uniform is not a good look
  25. Idk why but a fitted trucker hat really weirds me out