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  1. They're STILL screwing up the beveling.
  2. http://holidayinndac.iepromo.com Holiday Inn is allowing fans, or anybody really, design the race car they will use later this year. There isn't much more you can do other than change colors and use different templates, but it's still cool. You can also see what other people have been designing. I don't know where exactly this thread would best fit, so don't shoot me if this isn't the place.
  3. It could have been worse - they could have had a gold facemask.
  4. Is that a puck or a stack of plates? Seeing the copperplate, I really think it is.
  5. Whatever happened to the logo that had the wavy stripes in the background?
  6. I see Marquette took down Pitt at Pitt tonight. That's going to shake things up a bit in your bracket.
  7. Mediocrity is not competition. The teams in the Atlantic all suck, the schedules make it seem competitive. Saturday, November 18th was the last time a team (the Nets at 5-4) was above .500 in the division.
  8. The solution is so painfully simple, I can't believe it hasn't been posted yet. The NBA needs to engineer and breed officials with nine fingers on each hand. Or, in a less time consuming manor, teach them how to use sign language.
  9. Do you think this is authentic or not? As far as I can remember, the Pats only wore Starter and Adidas with the flying Elvis on the shoulders. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1
  10. I agree with one pick, and one pick only - Patriots over Jets. LJ is going to run for 400 yards against the Colts; as pathetic as the Cowboys have been, the Seahawks have been worse; and the Eagles are the best of the NFC playoff teams, there's no way they're losing to the Giants.