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  1. Definitely Maine. The cursive wordmark they use traditionally for hockey is nice, but their bear logo doesn't fit with the color scheme and the bear doesn't really look like an actual bear.
  2. Awesome thread! NCAAF: Bryce Petty - Baylor green Robert Griffin III - Baylor green Some unidentifiable SMU home jersey back when they used navy instead of royal blue NCAAB: Marcus Paige - North Carolina blue Michael Jordan - North Carolina blue Pierre Jackson - Baylor highlighter yellow NFL: Joe Namath - Jets green Roger Staubach - Cowboys white Terrance Williams - Cowboys navy Robert Griffin III - Redskins white Peyton Manning - Colts white Adrian Peterson (got it 4 years ago, woops) - Vikings purple NBA: Josh Howard - Mavericks white Dirk Nowitzki - Mavericks blue Steve Nash - Suns orange Derrick Rose - Bulls red Ekpe Udoh - Warriors blue MLB: Michael Young - Rangers blue NHL: Patrick Kane - Blackhawks red Tyler Seguin - Stars green
  3. In my generally unpopular opinion, the Rams' current navy and gold uniforms are better than their royal and yellow throwbacks. Purely aesthetic.
  4. Love the Mavs, but their experimentation and stumbling across different shades of blue the past few seasons is frustrating. There's too much going on in their current road uni's- the silver numbers look out of place with the navy "DALLAS" and the white names. The homes are a bit better but the different blue shades look out of place as well. They need to throw back and simplify the color scheme. Get rid of royal blue and silver. Straight up navy, kelly green and white.
  5. That is not unpopular by any stretch of the word. I'd say on a forum dedicated to sports branding, probably not. But whenever I bring it up to a lot of Cowboys fans it's as if it's attacking a sacred cow of uniform tradition.
  6. The color inconsistencies in the Cowboys' home uniforms really annoy me. The blueish silver pants, royal blue numbers and pant stripes, and black striping on the sleeves just look out of place. Their away uniforms- navy and silver throughout- are nearly perfect.
  7. Baylor introduced a new court design on their Twitter a couple days back. It looks clean and nice. I think it's an upgrade over their old one (I couldn't find a better picture, sorry):
  8. I don't like any of the Oregon football uniforms, especially their wildly vivid names. I love grey facemasks. But any other form of unnecessary grey on sports uniforms look awful to me. I love the Christmas color scheme- bright red and a darker shade of green. I think the MLB All-Star game should have AL and NL generic uniforms but team-designated caps. Might not be unpopular but the Mavs' throwback look is sooooo much better than their current look. A modernised version of it with navy blue instead of royal would look beautiful.