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  1. I always like posts that give Colorado State some love.
  2. Thanks for following through! These are solid designs as usual! Love the helmets for the state pride set.
  3. Polskan

    Louisville Rugby

    Really well done! Will you be doing some kits or other city logos?
  4. As a power supporter I appreciate the chevrons on CSU's home. Thanks!
  5. I'm glad you're still posting concepts on this topic! Would love if you'd make a guernsey for the Colorado State Rams.
  6. It's definitely clever but dangerously swastika.
  7. One of my favorite series on this board. I hope you do some concepts for my Colorado State Rams one day!
  8. Albany's pretty far away from New York City so this wouldn't really work.
  9. While I do like the LAFC alt kit, it's too similar to the MNUFC wing kit. That's their thing.
  10. These are all incredible! Need more!
  11. I really don't like RBNY's kits this year but your version is really great!
  12. Add a New Jersey team! The NYC area having only one team is odd, especially the only one being from Brooklyn.
  13. I love this so much. It takes an extremely forgettable identity and makes something really unique! I especially love the Seneca jersey.
  14. Powedersville Patriots is a ripoff of the Somerset Patriots. A minor league baseball team.
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