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  1. Exactly what I was not really feeling them.....what would be nice is if they were to have wider stripes like barcelona. USA has to get creative with their England's new shirts.
  2. These are absolutely amazing....Definately buying one as soon as possible.
  3. What's funny is that SC fans' argument is always about stuff that hasn't happened yet. The fact that you beat a team 8 out of 10 times, and have pretty much owned them since the beginning of time, just doesn't register. It's always "wait 'til next year." And by the way, you all owe us $3.50 for providing the entertainment. I take paypal. Here is just a little something....... very promising for SC's future Can't wait for next year GO COCKS!!
  4. I was just on gamecock central, everything isn't bad news after all. USC's recruiting class is ranked #10 with alot of good young recruits who could see some playing time very soon, but Sidney should reconsider his decision. I don't see Kenny McKinley (5-11/174) replacing the shoes of such a large deep-threat style receiver.
  5. Story:ESPN Sidney Rice So.(rs) Wide Reciever of South Carolina, record holder of recieving touchdowns in Gamecock history, declared that he will enter the 2007 NFL Draft. What is he thinking? A.) He is still a very young reciever who could help take SC to a "possible" SEC championship......cough "possible" cough B.) He earlier told Spurrier he would be back for the upcoming season C.) Would be one of the best if not the best reciever in the NCAA next year now that Jarrett, and C. Johnson are gone. I wish he would stay around another year.....
  6. Wow....great progress.... The only thing that is bugging me with this concept is the squared of shape below the ear. Try making that come to a point. Also, the detail lines in the snout are too thin compared to the rest of the concept, along with the notch in his right ear (our left).
  7. Contest is closed.....votes are in.......the winner by a small margin with a 22-17 victory..........................(team 1)Lightbluenc Congrats lightblue on an impressive display of creativety throughout the competition. All of the contestants outstanding work from round one on. Roxstar it came close, and I thought you were gonna pull a comeback there at the end. Thank you to everyone in the community for your participation. You are the reason this was able to run smoothly. I'm looking forward to next year. Lightblue here is your trophy:
  8. I like that pennstate and south carolina are the same colors......guess I am a fan for both?
  9. If im not mistaken you and Denver#1 are the same eliterate individual
  10. Sounds like I was right after all.
  11. Same style voting except it will be only (team 1 or team 2) Good Luck!! Voting ends Wednesday the 2nd at midnight Championship Team 1 Team 2