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  1. Can we use the NHL Winter Classics series patch in the jersey and in the entrie??
  2. Hi, one question, we have to create the fauxback logo??
  3. Good work man, I like the concept of the first logo, why don't you try taking out the letters, just the 4 colors.
  4. Hi man, yeah my concept was for a Women's Hockey Team & I'm glad that You like it, but I have problems with my internet connection -____-
  5. Hello, here's my concept with some of your comments, the numbers bigger and the helmet plaid; thanks and I hope you like it!!! Thanks for visiting my post !!!
  6. I used the font of Michigan State. Thanks for visiting my post Thanks for visiting my post
  7. Thank you, I really try. Look at your patch, you've got this designing human logos thing down. That's a skill I envy. Congrats to ECADesign and good job to everyone who participated. WOW, thanks for the support guys, this was a close one, and thanks to derschwigg & BlackBolt3 for the love, you guys are pretty GOOD and I love your patchs too. And yeah like pollux says 40 was Tillman's number with the Cards. Thank you and congrats to everyone who participated, and see you in the next event ^____^ ECA
  8. "Race to the Summit" it's the name of the race??
  9. I like the Red Sox with the flags on it
  10. Hello everyone, and welcome to my first post; i've been visiting and following the site for a while, and the last couples days I decided to participate in the Logolympiad 2014 ('cause I love sports & this site) and I'm happy that my concept finished in 3rd place (I want to thanks everybody that voted for my concept). My concept was for the alternate uniform of the Ottawa Redblacks / Rouge et Noir. For the concept I wanted to combine the past with the present, when they were the Ottawa Rough Riders and now as the Ottawa Redblacks, and used the name of their QB Russ Jackson No. 12 I hope you like it, and I love to hear what do you think, all comments are welcome! Sorry for my bad english ECA Thanks for visiting my post!
  11. Hi, the concept can be for a Women's Hockey Team??
  12. this counts as 20 years (it's says 1995 - 2014)??