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  1. Tier 1 1st - F 2nd - G 3rd - R Tier 2 1st - L 2nd - I 3rd - K
  2. Unless you're the Chicago Fire, D.C. United, or Kansas City Wizards, that does happen in MLS. Really? I thought United did add a star for each championship, although to be honest I haven't really paid attention since their third championship, when they had three gold stars, and so maybe that was just a coincidence. They added it to the jersey. Maybe they did not add it to the official logo.
  3. I feel there's a conflict between the simple line art of the flag/crest and the intricate wordmark and dome. It works at first glance, but then you look another time and it doesn't seem to fit together. It's a good idea, but could have been executed better. Look at the St. Louis and Chicago. Also, as a DC resident, it weirds me out that the flag is kind of upsidedown. I know it isn't becuase the stars are right side up, but it still feels weird.
  4. Fanstastic, every team needs to do this before soccer catches on and this kind of thing starts to look unseemly.
  5. Aestheticly I like the shadow-only cross as in 1-3. But, symbolicly I feel like the cross should be upright. So, I'm torn between 3 and 5.
  6. Agreed, that is not fusion it's outright posery.
  7. Why sacrifice your identity as an American team to get global recognition? Europe has it's way of naming their teams and we have ours. I wouldn't want to throw that away to get recognized. They could try and mix the two like Houston Dynamo (an American style name that evokes a the Russian team Dynamo Moscow et. al.) but I would want to to keep some indicator of American sports, besides the city of course. I like what Galaxy is doing here, they are keeping their Amiercan style name and changing their look to be more European (or at least that how I read the SI arcticle), that's the kind of fusion I'm talking about.
  8. Entry 3 - 3 Entry 7 - 2 Entry 2 - 1
  9. So all entries have to be in by 12:00 am Dec 2
  10. I feel like the circle would go well on a ringer t-shirt or a jersey style t-shirt. But it would look better on a plain t-shirt without the circle.