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  1. Oral? Are we really sticking with that?
  2. Sweet mother of Shawn Bradley...is that...blue to blue gradient?
  3. Amazing throwback game tonight between Portland and Sacramento!
  4. Via Monte Morris' IG... black versions of last year's city coming?
  5. Spurs are essentially the first team to rock their city uniform the season. Wildin. We need more unveilings stat.
  6. Amazing finds! I love the idea of the Jazz being one of the first franchises to experiment with color at home and color vs color. Interesting tidbit about the Clippers too! I never realized they had a red version of that particular uniform. Regarding the screengrabs being sent in to Uni Watch, I totally remember seeing them on there! I had just purchased a green Karl Malone Adidas soul swingman jersey, and I remember that somebody had called me out for wearing it saying that Karl never wore it (the Jazz started using purple again in 1985 when Malone was drafted). Anyways I used my newfound information to put that fairweather Jazz fan in their place. Fun memories. It's hard for me to believe that I've been visiting that blog daily for nearly ten years.
  7. Not to pick any nits, but this seems a good a time as any to remind everyone of the time the Jazz broke out their mothballed green uniforms at home on St. Patrick's Day against the Pistons during Karl Malone's rookie season ('85-'86). This was the only time that he ever actually wore the green unis. Additionally, were the Hawks the first team to don an alternate uniform in the NBA? This topic has always fascinated me.
  8. Silver vs gray would make for a close second to my all time favorite color clash game...
  9. I like the way the new Pacers statement looks.
  10. I agree that more color home games would be a positive thing. There's something visually pleasing about a well-designed matching court that makes uniforms really pop. I personally don't mind white on the road, but I still always crave a good color on color matchup.
  11. Speaking of Philadelphia, has anyone else noticed that their red statement maintains the full basketball logo rather than the partial "76"?
  12. Also, this Mavs look is growing on me.
  13. There were some fun uniform matchups tonight!
  14. I thought for sure that we were in for a fun throwback matchup tonight. Thanks Clippers.
  15. Please disregard my last comment. I now see what you guys are referring to. And it is annoying as hell. **peep his left shoulder**
  16. Unfortunately no. In 2013 gray was added to the color pallet as a complimentary color (a weird trend for that season as a whopping 17 teams had some form of gray or silver in their color wheel) to their updated brand. Most teams used this as a weird outline for their primary logo (see Jazz below), but the Knicks took it a step further by adding it to their uniforms. They have yet to fixed it. Did I mention lately how much I hate New York's current uniforms?
  17. These:Are better than these: But not as good as these:
  18. I'm already getting ready to drop two grand on tickets.
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