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  1. Outside of the horrendous crowd colors clashing with Portland, I would venture to say that this has been one of my favorite uniform matchup so far this season. As a tangent, these boards get unbearable this time of year. I'll check them religiously earlier in the season when new uniforms have yet to be unveiled. But there is so much complaining, bickering, and attack of opinion happening right now. It feels insufferable. If I felt that I wanted more of that in my life, I would have spent an extra weekend at my parents. Let's all try to be more civil and kind. Anyways, happy 420 all!
  2. I think most in this thread would agree that this statement is something of a hot take. When it comes to desecrating NBA uniforms, there's no such thing as "too uppity".
  3. A couple of fun contrasting games from last night's action. I really enjoyed this Miami and Minnesota game. OKC and Dallas turned out very distinct, however this Thunder set would vastly improve with the help of some white.
  4. I think I understand what you're saying, but the checkered pattern itself comes from the design of the Gemini Rocket. I hope Houston builds an entire rebrand around their alternates of late. I can't stand their normal home and away set.
  5. It might be a hot take, but I really love how the earned uniforms are looking on court.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. I wanted a Bucks Giannis and Heat Wade. Then again, I've been waiting on bated breath an entire year for an authentic Jazz city edition. It's a bummer they don't have some of these things readily available.
  7. Yeah, that was pretty trendy back then. By my count 13 of league's 29 teams had some sort of asymmetrical design element in the '96-'97 season. As outlandish as some of those sets were, it's one of those special things that make those uniforms endearing to me.
  8. Agreed. Are they going for a team Canada look? Either way one of these would have been infinitely better.
  9. According to Uni-Watch, the skies apparently have splashes of grey
  10. If it's from Dick's, it's most likely some kind of warmup.
  11. There were a ton of errors! To be fair, SI turned this list into a collaboration and had every writer give their top three favorite uniforms. That's why there are so many continuity errors. I did enjoy a lot of the pictures they used though! I feel like there were some classic looking images that I had never seen.
  12. Did anyone else watch the Lakers- Nuggets game tonight? The lighting in Denver made the Lakers purple look so bright and vibrant (and in my eyes, a little more tolerable in contrast with the black).
  13. I believe someone once referred to it as "Indigo Storm"
  14. Also, has OKC ever worn orange accessories before?