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  1. I know that aesthetically, black shouldn't be shoehorned into most NBA branding, but at this point, the inevitability of black has made me kind of excited for the new designs. In the NBA it almost feels like black uniforms are a right of passage or something. Obviously I don't think every uniform works (see the New York Knickerbockers), but it would be interesting to see if every team could manage a really good black alternate uniform. @eibram has some awesome retro remix concepts that are definitely worth checking out. I like the way these Knicks uniforms look.
  2. I did, thanks! I made new uniforms and logos for every team and even added four new franchises. Most people are excited for the newest 2k for the gameplay, I always am to redesign the entire league.
  3. As a Jazz fan, I'm hoping for this is the case (please excuse my crude 2k mockup). Who knows though?