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  1. The spade just looks tacked on the top and doesn't flow with the logo to well. Try to find a way to make it so it doesn't look so awkward. And the Thunder logo does indeed look a lot like the bulls logo.
  2. I love the Pats' unis just get rid of the logo on the pants or make it smaller.
  3. That font is way to crazy to be used as a logo, tone down the lightning bolts a lot please.
  4. Get rid of the gold or make it thinner.
  5. Did you just take the sword from the Cavs logo?
  6. The problem is it is linked to his gmail account and we aren't logged into it. Just post it on imgur.
  7. Thatlaxgoalie, chill with the signatures. I really like the simplicity. I actually don't like the red and green combo they used to have but you pulled it off quite well.
  8. I really like it but the eye looks a little too big.
  9. All of them look like they are supposed to be short sleeved. They sleeves don't flow through especially on the white jerseys. I do like the concept though.
  10. I would make the steelers facemasks black. I thinks the grey looks weird IMO.
  11. It's not flaked it's iridescent. ir·i·des·cent adjective showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles.
  12. Keep the stripes off the sleeves. It looks funny IMO
  13. Add teeth to the Dawg Pound logo.
  14. Most of these would be pretty hard to make, due to the fact that they use stickers to decorate helmets.
  15. Thanks! Really like the GD. Is it alright if I use it to brand my work?
  16. I got an CBS Sports notification on my phone saying this was breaking news. In that case this entire site is full of breaking news.
  17. You should still make a fake college I.D. That would be hilarious. What program did you use to create these? They all look very choppy and warped.
  18. How about the BPL?
  19. Yeah i would make it the darker blue to make it flow with the bottom waves.
  20. It always fails to download. I have tried every browser i could think of. Still nothing. Please fix.
  21. What do you think of this. It is getting somewhere, but the snout is a little cartooney.