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  1. Saw the NFL 100 kickoff commercial. Loved looking for the legends in the spot. Had a odd question. They had a gold football with the 100 logo and regular markings. They wouldn't use the gold ball for game use next season. Would they? Thoughts anyone?
  2. Just going over the online edition of the SB 50 game program (hozinc.com/sb50/). And on pg. 257 of the magazine, caught a glimpse of SBLI logo. I'ts not like the template of SB XLV-XLIX. It's been tweaked. The roman numerals are on either side of the trophy and SUPER BOWL is underneath, similar to SB50 logo and it has a touch of color....so if anyone was interested to check it out and possibly scan it so everyone could see....Thanks
  3. Not that it matters perhaps. But I remember the "stay behind this yellow dotted line you pesky photographers" that surrounds the field was painted in the Dolphin and Redskins colors (aqua/orange/burgundy/gold) for SB VII...and I believe it was red/white/blue thru SB XII...always thought it was a nice touch!
  4. I think y'all forgot one...... TEAM USA HOCKEY 1980!!!!
  5. Actually the field should end up like this.... (Everything is covered in snow....)
  6. Just took a look at the digital edition of this years SB XLVII game program. Take a look at page 244 (the printed pg 244)- the blurb talks about Super Bowl Numerology involving the number 14. Fifth item on the list....the 14 year span that it took the 49ers to win their SIX SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!! Man...I'm impressed!!!!
  7. Interesting how they have the original SBXXXVI logo instead of the post 9/11 patriotic revised logo Hmmm....
  8. Your Texas Rangers' 2011 AL Championship Ring....TA DA!!!!!
  9. Hey there! I've always wanted pictures from all the Bowls myself. Thought I might add my two cents.... SB II - The Packers wordmark was the same as the year before...NFL logos bookmarked the name. SB IV - The Vikings wordmark had the NFL50 logo on the right side. SB VI & VII- The Cowboys/Dolphins Dolphins/Redskins had their respective wordmark designs in their endzones SB VIII- This was the first year of "Helmets in the End Zone" and the "LOOK" of the SB until SB XXXI (Aqua BG for Miami, Yellow-Gold for Minnesota.) ( *if you ever see pictures of the field, EVERY hashmark and the numerals were trimmed in either purple or orange to match the teams half of the field.) SB VII thru XII had painted the "dashes" ( officialy known as the Restarining line for photographers, etc) around the circumfrunce of the playing field in a red/white/blue sequence- SB VII dash sequence were in the team colors of Miami/Washington ( aqua/orange/burgundy/gold)
  10. Sorry about that... I'm not very computer savvy- the ad is on pg 182 . Go to hozinc.com/sb46, click on thumbnails and scroll down to pg 182. Commissioner Goodell's signature has even been replaced on the ball!
  11. The Super Bowl game program is viewable on line on www.hozinc.com Page 180 has an ad for NFL on Location. There is a football with presumably Next year's SB XLVII logo on the ball with the Superdome in the ad......
  12. Well done folks and thanx.....I wish they would go Super Bowl old school with the helmets in the endzones and paint the 20 yd lines again in team colors...and go back the niners old wordmark the new one reminds me too much of the "one day helmet". Ick.
  13. Greetings all.... Just wondering- Now that the Conf. Champ games are set.....I look foward every year to whomever it is on these boards that designs the field templates for the Super Bowl with all its decor. has anyone started that up yet? Thanks
  14. Need help out there. I see these player cartoon lineups that are at the bottom of each post in official team colors and threads and likenesses. Who designs them and how are they available.... For that matter, where do all the logo, helmet, jersey images come from? Way cool. Thanx!
  15. FYI...if anyone is interested- WFAA.com (a Dallas TV station) has a slideshow you can access on the main page showcasing Jerry's playground transformation for the game.-some great field level shots of the decor on the field as well as the stadium itself....pretty groovy.