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  1. I think the only thing wrong is with the snout on the main logo. Otherwise, some fine work!
  2. Looks really good now, considering you used Paint
  3. Color scheme is good, but it's pretty busy and not very clean.
  4. Looks fantastic! Wouldn't mind seeing them wear this!
  5. Oilers and Maple Leafs look great, but the rest seem kinda phoned in.
  6. I think it looks great! Modern without getting rid of the classic elements.
  7. The only thing I'd say is that the logos and wordmarks are a bit too big. And maybe add some front numbers on one or tow. Otherwise, spectacular stuff!
  8. I definitely think this logo and even that God-awful jersey is salvageable.
  9. The thing that I would do is make the gold bolder and then just transfer the current design onto a more modern uniform, a more fitted one.