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  1. Awesome work on the Chicago teams, I like how you're not afraid to delve into uniforms of the past.
  2. Nice job! This is actually a really cool idea and I'm excited to see more
  3. Well, well, well yet another roundel. I have never been a fan of the roundel logos with the team name on the outside in any sense, so I am not a fan of this logo. "Basketball club"? Why do so many teams seem to think they're in the English Premier League when creating their logos? I like the return of the pac-man, and the lime green adds a nice unique element. As for the alternate, I actually like it quite a bit despite the fact that it looks like the logo for a chicken wing restaurant. So for the Hawks new look, I am relatively ok with it despite my disappointment stemming from the roundel.
  4. Personally I think this is an improvement, and a rare case of a modernization gone right.
  5. This is absolutely unbelievable work. Brilliant, and incredibly well done
  6. Last year of the NJ Nets against the first year of the new look Wizards
  7. Here are some rare NHL match-ups: Rare photographic evidence of the fishstick Islanders in their first year, against the last year of Winnipeg Jets 1.0 First year of the current Sabres set against the final year of the blue Panthers Rare occasion of the old Blues facing the burgundy Canucks in 1998 Here's one of the only times the Blue Jackets faced the old Penguins set
  8. Here's my wish list Anaheim New Orange alt with Mighty Duck logo Boston (For the Winter Classic) I'd like to see a brown jersey with that old bear logo the current shoulder logo is inspired by Buffalo Take away that god awful alternate Calgary Remove black from the set, use the retro template, but have the primary red logo with the yellow outline on a yellow jersey, make a matching road and we've got some nice uniforms. And dump the current alternates. Carolina For the home uniforms: Add hurricane flag striping, old font, and stick and flag shoulder logo to current away template (overlapping nameplate) but make the jersey grey. A deep, stormy grey would give the hurricane feel and make the red absolutely pop. For the away uniforms: Current template with the old font, hurricane striping, and stick and flag logo on the shoulders Colorado Something must change. Take away the oval behind the A. Make a maroon jersey with the old mountain striping and blue trim. Of course, make a matching away with burgundy yolks. I love their current font so that mustn't change. Columbus Only a slight change, replace the shoulder "hat" logo with a recolored cannon logo currently seen on the alternate set. And speaking of that alternate, get rid of it. Dallas A black alternate using the shoulder logo wouldn't be bad Minnesota Here's an original idea. Make a matching home uniform to the away with green yolks Montreal Remember those 06/07 white alternates that are the reverse of the home uniforms? Go crazy and make those the away full time (For the Winter Classic) Use the old jersey with the sash from 1911. Nashville Just remove the highlighter streak on the logo and the stripes on the ear. Everything else with this uniform is absolutely brilliant. New Jersey Bring back the Christmas trees for special events Islanders Add a 4th stripe to the stick in the logo, go back to a darker navy blue and a new alternate shoulder logo Rangers Make a new alternate replacing the "New York" text with the current primary logo Ottawa Make the alternate the primary and replace the shoulder logo with the awesome unused Senator logo. Matching away very similar to the Heritage Classic used last year. Both of these use white as opposed to cream. It would also be neat to incorporate the gold "senator" striping on the arms. Philadelphia I find the alternates unnecessary Pittsburgh New striping for sure. Something along the lines of last years Stadium Series set (minus the chrome logo of course), with a reverse home. San Jose Replace the current logo on the jerseys with the shoulder logo. Make the "fin in the diamond" the new shoulder logo, and a new stripe at the waist Tampa Bay Unrealistic, but I wish they stayed with the original black Edge set, same road uni's except with blue numbers and blue pants. I've had enough of watching the Tampa Bay Maple Leafs. And for gods sake, never use "Bolts" on a jersey ever again. Vancouver Goodbye Ocra. Hello Johnny Canuck. Use the current template with Johnny Canuck as the new logo Washington I would love to see a blue alternate with the Eagle logo Of course, this is my perfect world. If I'm lucky 2 of these will come true
  9. Ok I've updated the crest with roses that I think look much better. As for the template, I'm still looking for a better one.
  10. I badly need a Paint friendly Soccer shirt template
  11. I realize that the roses are bad, however this is the only way to get the exact flowers from the Roosevelt shield. Also, this is meant to look like the Chelsea FC logo, as they are the American mirror image of them.
  12. This is awesome. Keep it up, and I especially love the backstory
  13. This is a topic that I am very excited to start. I was thinking the other day about what it would look like if the English Premier League was in America instead. So, I have paired UK cities with US cities, and put an American twist on the clubs. Every post will be the clubs badge and home kit. I will do these concepts by city, and the first city is the London of America, New York City. The first team I will feature in New York is Yorkville F.C. Basically, I'm showing what an American leagues equivalent to the English one would look like. All elements of teams are directly related to it's English counterpart. Yorkville FC is one of the most popular clubs in the American Premier League. They play in the luxurious neighborhood of Yorkville in New York's Upper East Side. Those who support Yorkville are often accused of being "glory hunters" or "bandwagoners". They have had much recent success and play a very defensively oriented game. Their logo is a combination of many things, the Roses are part of the family coat of arms for a family with strong influence in the U.E.S., the political Roosevelts. The green comes from the roses, the balls symbolize the sport, and the stars represent the United States.
  14. There's a reason they do not match up. The original 1911-12 uni's were like this
  15. This is just so great, I wish I came up with this! Now I'm very excited for this series
  16. As I'm sure many of you have heard, the 2016 Winter Classic will be hosted at Gillette Stadium featuring the Bruins and Canadiens. A great rivalry finally taken outside. For this game, I'd love to see the Canadiens in these 1911-12 throwbacks.
  17. I love it, very sleek looking.Perhaps you'd want to try changing the "LFC" to simply "Liverpool". One other detail I would suggest is putting the Liverbird on the shorts, and have the tribute to the 96 under the back collar. But overall, this is fantastic work, and my ideas are just my taste, because the execution is spot on. Nice to see a fellow red on these forums. YNWA!
  18. Yes you probably have seen the similar one I started with. First thing to come up when googling "Super Bowl 49 logo", I've just made some changes.
  19. Nothing too exciting with this post, but I've put together what Super Bowl 49 should now look like. The only thing I've really changed is the logo of the game itself. I've used some concept art as a base but made some alterations. The logo is in the shape of Arizona, I've added purple as an accent color, and if you look closely at the logo, there are stripes representing Arizona's Flag. Hope you enjoy. (Both uniforms courtesy of this very website)
  20. How could I forget? Jets: Could you please use an actual Jet in the logo? Eagles: Different green, but not quite kelly green, more of a forest green. Also, change to a logo hat's not so goofy looking. Panthers: Black matte helmets would be absolutely sick.
  21. NHL Islanders: It was pretty lazy of them to revert to the throwback uniforms that look...okay IMO. Going to Brooklyn is a new chapter, and they should try to modernize a bit. Flames: Not a fan of the black in these uni's. Take the black out but that doesn't mean just go back to their old uniforms. Canucks: A logo should represent the teams name. So, considering they're not called the Vancouver Ocras, it should change to Johnny Canuck in front of a V logo. That would look nice. Hurricanes: The Canes seemed to forget that they are not team Canada, ad should not have uniforms reflecting that. What they lost in their rebrand was the "stormy" look. How about an improved Hurricane logo that does not resemble a flushing toilet on an intimidating dark grey jersey. Panthers and Coyotes: Must change and move to Quebec and Seattle. Penguins: Please do not revert to the old time Bruins look. I actually think the "vegas gold" is a nice look. They just need better striping. Wild: There is alot of confusion here. The away jerseys are awesome, so I think all they need is an accompanying green home set. Also, ditch the beloved alternates for a red set, they need to realize they're not in the Winter Classic. Devils: This classic look may actually need a change. It should be a more hellish feel when playing the Devils (more pitchforks). Also, a black alternate wouldn't be the worst idea. NFL Patriots: One of the most iconic teams in sports should not have a weird looking 90's logo. Giants: Need to make up their mind and incorporate both of their colors in to both of their uniforms. Titans: Change to the sword logo and get sleeker jerseys. Chargers: Definitely need to change to the powder blue. Raiders and/or Rams: If it's the Raiders, change not one thing. If it's the Rams, overhaul Jaguars: Say hello to the London Monarchs Cowboys: Why are the white uniforms trimmed in royal blue? Maybe it's time to wear blue at home Broncos: Replace the navy with a sky blue, that would look nice. And maybe a new logo incorporating the Rocky Mountains. Redskins: This name needs to be changed, no question. Can't decide whether they should be the Hogs or Warriors. Browns: Get an actual logo, and a modern look with not too much orange. NBA Wizards: Okay, what on earth is going on here. The problem is the clash between the awesome Bullets look and the horrendous Wizards name. The name needs a change the uniforms do not. Raptors: The red and black is very uninspired. So Drake is changing it to a new simplistic look, which looks rather weird IMO. MLB Orioles: I just can't do the cartoon bird. Other than that everything looks fantastic. Angels: Change the silver to gold, add wings to the primary, and you're set. Twins: Why the gold? Just why? They're a team that should actually use pinstripes. Phillies: It boggles my mind that more teams in sports do not use the burgundy and sky blue combo. Phillies need to use this again. Indians: Changing the name is the first step. Same thing with the Redskins, it just sounds quite racist. I'd like to see more red once they get a new name. How about the Cleveland Tribe?
  22. This is all nice work. However, I'm not sure about the Nets as their identity is meant to be simplistic
  23. I like it, just wish the Super Bowl logos weren't so darn boring