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  1. Its to pull you lips out of the way to show off your grill.
  2. RT @CBSSports: "Season 4 of Cavs vs. Warriors was recorded in front of a live studio audience."

  3. RT @anthonyVslater: Steve Kerr’s full quote on the NFL’s new anthem rule

  4. RT @akrum_wadley: Walked past a group of Ohio State fans yesterday. All I can do was just smile... ????‍♂️

  5. RT @k_walnation3: Friend 1: It’s Yanny. Friend 2: It’s Laurel. Me:

  6. RT @fightfortheftr: Hey twitter this is not a drill the FCC just announced that #NetNeutrality ends on June 11 unless…

  7. RT @BenHBailey: The only Donald currently making America great:

  8. RT @WorldofIsaac: I root against teams with players who lick opponents. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

  9. RT @kanyewest: 2024

  10. RT @uhkent: even though she was a horrible person I still feel bad. RIP @TomiLahren

  11. RT @kylekuzma: But the nfl says “sticking to just sports” keeps the brand strong.... #staywoke guys

  12. RT @BarstoolUIowa: Happy National Siblings Day to our favorite little brother Nebraska ?‍?

  13. RT @VicMensa: lol at this guy calling the kids from parkland stupid. clearly a top shelf intellect

  14. Place a $160 Bid to win the Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon ReStockX on StockX!

  15. RT @ARSondag: This exact same playground is by where I grew up in ain’t special Texas