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  1. I don't hate sleeved basketball jerseys the way others hate it. But I still don't like it. It just feels bland and adds nothing to a jersey (except for sleeves). And a good portion of sleeved jerseys follow the whole GFGS/BFBS trend, and I think that makes it a lot blander.
  2. I don't really like the color fade on the Jets, probably make a white to green fade, I don't know. Also the way you put some of the logos on the helmets would make it look stretched out on a different angle (like the Giants one). I like the Dolphins, Bills and Pats ones. A good majority are nice but some like the Browns seem mediocre. I want to see how the Browns one looks with checkers as a stripe down the middle. Overall pretty good, definitely better than that overhyped concept.
  3. These look pretty good, I want to see what the jerseys look like. Also, can I see a version of the alternate logo with a J or an SJ?
  4. Some of these were pretty good, but yet again a good portion look very ugly.
  5. I am appalled to see how much attention this concept received. Some of the helmets (like the Panthers, Patriots and Lions ones) were actually decent but a majority of them looked like lazy attempts to create a modern helmet. Most of them were overscaled, had a crappy color scheme or the logo was a bit out of place. But seeing how much quality content comes out of these concept boards that aren't receiving the amount of acknowledgement from big name websites that this concept got from like BleacherReport and CBS Sports is saddening. Compared to some concepts on these boards, this looks like something a 3-year old would do. I like the presentation but it definitely does not deserve the hype it receives.