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  1. Nice! It actually represents their name!
  2. Hello! Since there has been some news about the Widett Circle Soccer-Specific Stadium, I decided it might be fun to take a look at how other stadiums would fit inside the area! I'm really hoping that Kraft will toughen up and build it with his OWN money before the idiotic Olympics Team swoops in. What thing do you think the stadium should include? 1) Toyota Stadium 2) Sporting Park (Sorta Cut-off and i think the the field is a little too big, I got all the images of Google Maps with a 200ft distance so they SHOULD be equal) 3) Gillette (Just for fun)
  3. When I was a little kid a created my own league called the American Premier League too! Good Stuff so far! Boston looks awesome!
  4. Looks good but I think the Tree has to be more like the one the flag.
  5. The plate behind the logo is something I've never seen before! Good stuff!
  6. SORRY! I just re-read the description! It looks good if you are going for a more mountainous look!!
  7. Well the thing is that "Whitecap" isn't only a mountain. It also refers to a wave, so if you could include the wave in there like the current one it'd be pretty cool.
  8. 9JakePenny

    CCBL logo

    Yes I LOVE this league! Gatemen ftw! 1&2 look really good!
  9. Seattle Emeralds Concept I MIGHT make the jerseys if you guys like the logos!
  10. It'd be really awesome if all the jerseys were central like this! Great concept!