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  1. The fact that the leaked close-up of the white jersey from a week ago didn't have the piping/contrast stitching makes me think the orange unis are the new home unis and the brown ones are the alternates.
  2. This had better be a "Minnesota Vikings Deal" where they switch back to a more traditional design as soon as the five years are up.
  3. If any good came out of this, at least all of those insanely stupid "beer trading" posts on the Browns reddit board stopped for a little bit. So another Browns fan traded homebrew beer with you, no one cares.
  4. It's really fun to just wake up and have your day ruined in less than five minutes.
  5. Who are you, Bernie Kosarcissus? I actually was diagnosed as having "Extreme Narcissicm" in high school, yes. Outside of a handful of friends/family who are very close to me, I show a pathological lack of empathy for the well-being and opinions of others.
  6. So on the "elite" jerseys/on-field jerseys will the "piping" be solid or just stitching?
  7. Who are you, Bernie Kosarcissus? Like I said, I have OCD. Jersey collecting/wearing was my primary obsession.
  8. As long as the white jerseys don't have the orange stitching/piping and the orange jerseys are the new home jerseys, I can live with it, I guess. But if the brown jerseys with that hideous piping are the home unis, I am done.
  9. Go back and look at the Manziel picture, you can't even see the orange piping/stitching. The only time you'll probably see them will be when they have closeups on the players. I would see it whenever I would look in the mirror wearing a "game" jersey, which I do pretty much every day, at all times.
  10. I'm done. The piping was the last straw. I threw out most of my Browns memorabilia after my last move three weeks ago, and the last of it is going into the trash as we speak. I have mild OCD and the Browns were one of my main fixations, so to whose of you who say "How they perform on the field is what matters"... Yeah, no. What they wear is just as important.
  11. https://twitter.com/nikeblog/status/587601674283298816
  12. I don't like how the stripes seem to be somewhat at an angle, ala the Chargers jerseys. I hope this is just camera weirdness and the stripes are straight across, horizontal.
  13. Even if they really are switching to orange as the primary or introducing a grey jersey, I wouldn't be too worried about it. The hardcore Browns fans will put so much pressure on ownership to bring back the brown jerseys as the primary home jersey that it would last one year, at most. Remember back when Kellen Winslow claimed in a Penthouse interview that the Browns were getting new jerseys? The team office was inundated with calls from angry fans demanding the traditional designs be kept. Back in 2012, the Mike Holmgren-led front office tried to have the team wear white jerseys for all home games to follow in the tradition of Paul Brown and Marty Schottenheimer, but again were so inundated with complaints from fans and the brown jerseys showed up in November. Every time the team has tried to make some sort of major change to the uniforms, there has been a major backlash from the fans. --- I'm still not sure where the "grey jersey" idea originated from in the first place. Tony Grossi, the beat writer who's been the most "in the loop" has always claimed that grey would be an accent color and the primary jerseys would remain the traditional brown, white, and orange.