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  1. Everything looks great, but that Cream color uniform is a 20/10. I wish more NBA teams would use the color.
  2. Love it, but as far as the actual marlins uniforms go, I don't think its too much orange as much as it is not enough blue. I always thought the marlins' logo should drop the yellow & be just orange/reddish orange & blue. Also, in response to other comments about too many teams having blue, a. this is a much different shade of blue than the typical royal/navy/powder blue that almost every team seems to wear & b. quite a few teams wear orange as well.
  3. I love the Burlington Bees concept. The others are great too, but I just have a thing for yellow. I wish at least 1 team other than the pirates would use Yellow as their primary color.
  4. omg that is great. 100 times better than what they leaked a couple months back. THIS actually represents the nickname of the team.
  5. The Road Marlins uniform is flawless. Funny thing is, just yesterday, I was just thinking "what if another Florida team used a design similar to the Floridians".