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  1. Where did you get your add with the dolphins championships

  2. No problem! Hey, thanks a bunch! I'll redo the fonts A.S.A.P.Because I'm obsessed with fonts, I noticed I sent you pictures of United Sans Semi Extended Heavy, so here's pictures of United Sans Extended Heavy: Ok, I will use this instead. When I fix the teal one I will do the white one.
  3. Hey, thanks a bunch! I'll redo the fonts A.S.A.P.
  4. THANK YOU! Half of the time it took to make, I was looking for the correct fonts.
  5. You can use anything really. I just made the image thousands of pixels big. Agreed. I thought this was very good, but when I was looking at the comments, I noticed everything this guy was saying as he listed it off. Thank you for your feedback. I will do my best at trying to fix those problems. I do need the name of a font that will match the font used for the years, if you guys have any suggestions for one.
  6. If it isn't obvious already, I am a Dolphins fan. I saw the new 50 Seasons commemorative patch and thought it was really cool. I haven't seen a digitalized version of it yet, so I made this: Here is the reference: Please leave some feedback!
  7. I don't think it looks terrible. You're Welcome. Gotta ask. Why did you not choose to make the flaming basketball orange as opposed to the other way around? Thought that would've been a given Rim is orange and fire can be blue.
  8. Can I get a Baltimore Orioles one to go with my Dolphins one? I understand if you won't because I have one already.
  9. I don't mean to seem rude, but how much longer until mine is done. I am just so excited to see it XD
  10. Could I get a Miami Dolphins one? I think these look great!