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  1. Paris is actually in the process of releasing a new logo: Not as fun as the original, but excellent use of the Eiffel Tower.
  2. Hey Jimmy!, Thank you so much for this advice. While MJWalker45's specific advice is helpful, this is more what I am looking for. I know many designers are self-taught, so I wasn't sure what the predominant feeling would be about going back to school. Night classes would definitely be tough, but I do like that you were able to ease into it a bit. Also, thank you for the self-directed learning ideas. Just the fact that I am excited to learn all of these things speaks volumes.
  3. Hey Everyone, My brain fought posting this question for a long time for fear of negative reactions or criticism, but I just have to put it out there for peace of mind. I am really interested in transitioning to a career in the corporate branding/logo design/graphic design world. I have seen other posts here before, but I think my situation is a bit different, so I would love some feedback. I just turned 34 and have a very solid corporate job. I am married and my wife has a good job as well. We don't have any debt (although we are trying to buy a house) and no kids...yet. All of that means that I have a decent amount of disposable income to use either for taking classes, doing internships or just trying to start something on my own. While I have a very good job, I am not a good fit and cannot see myself being there long term. I have an IT background, but I work more on the database side. However, I have found it pretty easy to pick up basic Photoshop and Illustrator skills. I have several areas of interest, but the one I keep coming back to design. My question is how do I begin this transition? How do I get more experience and insight into how this industry works? I am willing to start from square one, but I am not sure exactly what that is. I have read just to start making projects and that is a good start, but beyond that I want to know how to get into that world. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And please note that this is not some half-cocked, pie eyed idea. I have been thinking about it and researching it for a very long time, but you can only read so much before acting.
  4. I know I'm kind of late on this, but I think this style ball is definitely an improvement. Which one did you end up going with?
  5. This looks solid. I think it might look even better if you use an old style ball, like in the Barcelona crest: Their ball looks a little cartoonish, but I like the curves of the stitching. It might flow with the flower theme a little more than the modern ball.
  6. Black and orange is a solid color scheme (just ask the Flyers.) However, the gold (or whatever) destroys that solid aesthetic. I would love it if they made their primary D logo orange like, you know, an actual duck's foot. I like your design because it goes with a white logo, which pops, but subtly includes orange. I also love the simplified throwback logo. However, in trying to picture your design IRL, I can't help but think that some of the detail would be lost if it were as small as you have pictured. Maybe it wouldn't but I feel like it would look better if you made the sleeve patches larger. Might sound picky, but since the rest of the design is great, I figured I'd at least throw in my two cents.
  7. You are called Apex Designs, but you emphasize a downward pointing arrow. Wouldn't it make more sense to emphasize the peak of the logo? Maybe the negative space in the A that could represent an upward arrow?
  8. I prefer the original idea. It looks nice and seems to align with where NBA logos are headed. I had a random idea. I'm not even saying it would improve your idea, but I think a mock-up would be cool. What if you surrounded the roundel with a flat mountain motif to make it resemble a seal? LIke this, but make the peaks different sizes:
  9. I would also try adding texture to the star points on the secondary to match the sword.
  10. I always feel like the Sampdoria home jersey is under appreciated. They have pretty much cornered the market on the tri-color chest hoop, their color scheme is great and their logo is clean and interesting. Personally, I think the aways are really clean. I agree that the coat of arms is a little awkward, but overall I think it works.
  11. I love the color scheme and the logo. Just two thoughts: 1. The dark gray in the roundel obscures the pike itself. I would consider either lightening or darkening it so the fish pops a bit more. 2. I think the plural of pike is just pike, without the s.
  12. iammysticyte

    USMNT Soccer

    The jerseys look nice, but why can't we just switch to the centennial logo full-time? I know I'm beating a dead horse, but add this crest to the concepts and they would be amazing.
  13. Hi MBurmy, Just curious, can you confirm that Burlington CC's logo isn't copied? My high school (St. Lawrence in Mt. Calvary, WI) uses the same logo and I always assumed it was unique, given it's sketchy quality and awkward looking Swiss man. I actually want to do a redesign, so if it is just a copy I will take more liberties.
  14. Is there a reason the cross isn't perpendicular? Being at an angle adds a unique element, but being perpendicular might make it cleaner.
  15. My gripe is those giant "VANCOUVER" letters. IMHO it doenst fit. The C "orca-Totem" logo alone on those great blue jersey would've been awesome. But it ain't a "good" change I think. Its "neutral" or me. The "VANCOUVER" script looks more dated every year but those colours are a huge upgrade. These days, I couldn't agree more. But when they first introduced the dark blues, I was absolutely blown away. Of course, they introduced it with the "orca-totem" C, so that is probably what really caught my eye.