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  1. d Peregrine Falcons is Unlikely, but they could go by Ranchers after the Bunny Ranchs.
  2. I think Bunny Ranchers, Gamblers, DeaIers, Aces, Blackjacks, Spades,and Sin would be the best team names.
  3. I wish the Saint Louis Billikens were in the current Big East Conference along with a Northeastern school. Especially as DePaul and Marquette were their rivals while they were in Conference USA. They'd also make Creighton less isolated from the rest of the Big East.
  4. The new Saint Louis Billikens logo would be better if it was just blue and white,. I feel the new logo isn't any better than the old one more of a lateral move.
  5. Not sure about skyline on Loyola University Chicago's court as they play on the Lakeshore Campus in Rogers Park, Chicago, not their downtown campus.
  6. I think the Illinois helmet should be orange with the current block I. I think Indiana would look better with their traditional IU logo. I like Northwestern's white helmets with a purple N. Wisconsin should use their alternate red helmet that is a negative of the white helmet to differentiate from UNL. Ohio State's shoulder numbers should be white. Testudo should be somewhere on Maryland's uniforms. Rutgers should switch gray for black. 7 of the 14 Big Ten Conference schools have some shade of red for their colors (Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio State, Rutgers, and Wisconsin).
  7. The only thing I don't like is Maryland has no hint of Terrapins anywhere in the uniform need either the Terrapin shell helmet or the Testudo holding the new M. I like that Iowa is no longer the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rutgers needs to be just Red, white and black. I like Indiana with their trademark IU. Ohio State's TV numbers should be white.
  8. Stanford isn't the Cardinals, they are the Cardinal.
  9. Illinois Wesleyan's logo is a ripoff of the old Michigan State Spartans logo.
  10. I liked it when UIC's logo was the letters made with flames.
  11. I highly doubt Milwaukee will ever get an NHL team if the Chicago Blackhawks are still in existence. I think Seattle would be a good city for NHL expansion or Phoenix relocation. Missouri would have 2 NHL teams if Kansas City ever get an NHL franchise again. Expanding beyond 30 NHL teams will weaken the league I wouldn't mind some relocations as long as they aren't original six teams.
  12. The Horizon League 2nd Half will have Northern Kentucky University, Oakland University, Valparaiso University, Wright State University, and Youngstown State University.
  13. The American Athletic Conference (The American) puts their conference logo between the lane and the 3 point line.
  14. I'd like to commend you on your Big East Conference concept courts.
  15. Please to the Horizon League (including Northern Kentucky), Summit League, and Southern Conference.
  16. Also all men's teams are the Rainbow Warriors and all women's teams are the Rainbow Wahine.
  17. As of July 1, 2015, Northern Kentucky University will be in the Horizon League (replacing Loyola University Chicago) and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) will replace them in the Atlantic Sun Conference and will be the sole Northern school in the A-Sun.
  18. I know that UND said they will not go back to their original nickname of Flickertails (nickname for Richardson's Ground Squirrel) and North Dakota is the Flickertail State. I think Fighting Flickertails would be an excellent name as long as they could come up with a respectable logo. It would be interesting when they play rival Minnesota Golden Gophers, because it would be ground squirrlels vs gophers.There already tons of Redhawks from other former Native American nicknamed universities. So any hawk name should out. Roughriders, Fighting Spirit, Nodaks, or having no nickname are the only ones of the approved list that fit at all.
  19. Like the uniform except the spears down the side. I'd add the cable cars around the back numbers like the San Francisco Warriors used to have. I don't think any Native American themed designs would be allowed by the NBA. Those are what the Hornets should wear.
  20. The Chicago Bulls ones are cool, but I doubt they'd change to these.
  21. A Flickertail is a ground squirrel, not a gopher. It is a nickname for Richardson's Ground Squirrel. North Dakota is the Flickertail State. I feel Fighting Flickertails would be a great nickname for the University of North Dakota, as it has the Fighting from Fighting Sioux and is the state's nickname, and the original UND nickname.
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