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  1. d Peregrine Falcons is Unlikely, but they could go by Ranchers after the Bunny Ranchs.
  2. I think Bunny Ranchers, Gamblers, DeaIers, Aces, Blackjacks, Spades,and Sin would be the best team names.
  3. I hope to see Maryland not abandon the Testudo the Terrapin with these uniforms. Sick of the state flag u stuff.
  4. I wish the Saint Louis Billikens were in the current Big East Conference along with a Northeastern school. Especially as DePaul and Marquette were their rivals while they were in Conference USA. They'd also make Creighton less isolated from the rest of the Big East.
  5. The new Saint Louis Billikens logo would be better if it was just blue and white,. I feel the new logo isn't any better than the old one more of a lateral move.
  6. Not sure about skyline on Loyola University Chicago's court as they play on the Lakeshore Campus in Rogers Park, Chicago, not their downtown campus.
  7. I think the Illinois helmet should be orange with the current block I. I think Indiana would look better with their traditional IU logo. I like Northwestern's white helmets with a purple N. Wisconsin should use their alternate red helmet that is a negative of the white helmet to differentiate from UNL. Ohio State's shoulder numbers should be white. Testudo should be somewhere on Maryland's uniforms. Rutgers should switch gray for black. 7 of the 14 Big Ten Conference schools have some shade of red for their colors (Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio State, Rutgers, and Wisconsin).
  8. The only thing I don't like is Maryland has no hint of Terrapins anywhere in the uniform need either the Terrapin shell helmet or the Testudo holding the new M. I like that Iowa is no longer the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rutgers needs to be just Red, white and black. I like Indiana with their trademark IU. Ohio State's TV numbers should be white.
  9. I don't think the Cardinals will go to LA. I think the Raiders are the most likely if NFL team goes to LA. The Cardinals would be on their 4th city. Chicago, Saint Louis, Phoenix/Glendale. Same for the Rams, Cleveland, LA, Saint Louis. I'd like to see the Jaguars move there.
  10. I like the former Big East Conference logo with the banner below it.
  11. Sparky holding a hockey stick should be the crest the pitchfork should be used for the shoulder logo the home jersey should be maroon or gold. The captain's patch is pretty sweet, though.
  12. Stanford isn't the Cardinals, they are the Cardinal.
  13. Illinois Wesleyan's logo is a ripoff of the old Michigan State Spartans logo.
  14. I never understood why North Carolina's basketball uniforms say North Carolina, but South Carolina's just say Carolina.
  15. Will someone post uniforms for DuPage Valley Conference (DuPage County, IL) schools (Glenbard North, Lake Park, Metea Valley, Naperville Central, Naperville North, Neuqua Valley, Waubonsie Valley, Wheaton North, and Wheaton Warrenville South) which is the strongest public school conference in Illinois (outside the Chicago Catholic League and Chicago Public League) as all the weak football schools left (Community (West Chicago), Glenbard East, Glenbard South, West Aurora)
  16. DePaul will be playing in Chicago sometime during the 2016-2017 college basketball season across the street from McCormick Place in the Historic Prairie Avenue District and have 2 more seasons at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. Construction of the McCormick Place Events Center will begin at the end of September and will take 2 years to complete and will be owned y the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA or McPier) despite DePaul University paying for nearly 1/2 of the events center
  17. I liked it when UIC's logo was the letters made with flames.
  18. That Maryland court needs Testudo in a bad way.
  19. I highly doubt Milwaukee will ever get an NHL team if the Chicago Blackhawks are still in existence. I think Seattle would be a good city for NHL expansion or Phoenix relocation. Missouri would have 2 NHL teams if Kansas City ever get an NHL franchise again. Expanding beyond 30 NHL teams will weaken the league I wouldn't mind some relocations as long as they aren't original six teams.
  20. This is much better than the last skeleton logo I like how it give a not to the original skating admiral with the A hat, though I would have preferred a modern take on the original logo. It is a good logo but I don't care for the jersey template.
  21. All the Power Five Conference's names no longer fit their membership. Atlantic Coast Conference = 14 full members and 1 affiliate member (Notre Dame) and 3 schools in states that do not touch the Atlantic Coast (Pittsburgh (PA), Notre Dame (IN), and Louisville (KY)) Big 12 Conference = 10 full members Big Ten Conference = 14 full members and 1 affiliate member in Lacrosse (Johns Hopkins) Pacific-12 Conference = 4 members nowhere near the Pacific Ocean (Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah) Southeastern Conference = 5 non-Southeastern schools (Missouri (Midwest), Arkansas, Texas A & M, and Louisiana State (Southern) and Kentucky is in the Mid-South, not Southeastern. Also, the Western Athletic Conference has 8 members and only 5 are Western: United States Air Force Academy, California State University, Sacramento, New Mexico State University, Utah Valley University, and Grand Canyon University (in Phoenix, For-Profit). Non-Western WAC members are Chicago State University, University of Missouri-Kansas City and University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The current Big East Conference has 5 Midwestern schools (Butler University, Creighton University, DePaul University, Marquette University, and Xavier University) and 5 Eastern Schools (Georgetown University, Providence College, Seton Hall University, St. John's University, and Villanova University) Of the 7 Founding Members of the original Big East 4 are in the current Big East (Georgetown, Providence, Seton Hall and St. John's) 2 are in the ACC (Boston College and Syracuse) and 1 is in the American Athletic Conference (Connecticut). Villanova was not a founding member as they had a commitment to the conference now known as the Atlantic 10 in the 1979 season.