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    Turkey day throwbacks

    Oh ok, well in that case I see where you're coming from. Excited for this series! I'll admit I had to look up what the territorial cup was but yes that's a great matchup along with USC v UCLA, and Washington v WSU and many others
  2. BVZ

    Turkey day throwbacks

    These look awesome, and it's an even better idea! This could be expanded to include so many great matchups like the Iron Bowl, Florida v FSU, Georgia v GTech, Cowboys v Redskins (or Bears, Lions, Eagles etc.), Army v Navy, Michigan v OSU, Civil War, Egg Bowl, Palmetto, LSU v A&M, Bedlam, the list goes on and on. I would include facemasks though
  3. I like how these uniforms are at least good attempts at showing the uniqueness of each country, especially Mexico. Excited to see Japan. What is Brazil's helmet logo?
  4. I've always preferred navy blue to royal for the USMNT, but this would be a fantastic look. Great work
  5. BVZ

    USMNT Soccer

    That first kit is absolutely gorgeous. I would add a front # though like others said, and I also really like the idea behind that yellow jersey, good work! Excited to see what you come up with for the white kit, although I would've gone with navy.
  6. These remind me of the secondary kits Germany wore in Brazil last summer, which is a good thing. Great concept, will certainly be a fantastic look if the real uniforms resemble these, which they should judging by the new crest
  7. The Georgia black and Ole Miss grey football jerseys were both extremely good looks and actually made sense for the schools, because they weren't BFBS or GFGS. I hope we see a return to those uniforms soon, even if only once a year. I also hope the U.S. National women and men's soccer teams return to the hoops with navy shorts for their primary look. It was internationally unique and could have become a classic kit
  8. The problem that immediately glared at me in that Saints picture is how poorly the helmet gold fails to even resemble the same color that's used on the jersey.
  9. If brands were a position on an actual football team: Nike would be the star Quarterback, Under Armour the underrated running back, and Adidas the loud and cocky receiver who clearly has potential (and shows it at times), but just leaves you shaking your head in disappointment more times than not. Russell Athletic is the backup kicker. The shock web is awful. An adidas team has not won a championship since Tennessee in 98, and they certainly didn't do it because of an advantage in uniform functionality. Tech fit, however, can look fantastic. All adidas really needs to do for UCLA is fix the stripes and change the template. I'm personally a fan of the Clarendon as well. I'm all for small tweaks and modernization that upgrade a uniform, but a classic look like this is just ruined by this sorta stuff, and I highly doubt it is all of a sudden now getting them better recruits
  10. The white shell with the red mask without any stripes seems so youth-league looking IMO. I would go with either a navy mask and implement those stripes or just stick with the navy shell they have now. Bills look great!
  11. Request: Taylor Mustangs, located in Texas, school colors of royal blue and white but black and silver/grey have been used as accent colors. Right now we just use the generic SMU logo, thanks! Great concepts, wow
  12. I would have the 'U' overlap the bottom the S because as is, it looks more like a J. Great update!
  13. Those are the best logos I have ever seen, hands down. They are all fantastic, but I would make the ship-in-ball the primary. Incredible work man!!! Personally, I would drop the gold and emphasize light blue and red, with navy as more of an accent color. I would go more traditional with the uniforms, but definitely still far better than what they got with their recent update
  14. These drawings are fantastic, and I also love the concepts as well! Amazing work, keep it up. Excited for the upcoming teams
  15. Interesting to see the power T on the front bumper in some promo pics, while in others "vols" is shown. I prefer the latter for redundancy sake personally. Also, an older version of the Vols script is shown on the back bumper, which seems a little misplaced. The number font appears to be very similar to Texas' except for the #1. I expected the 3-star circle logo to be incorporated but still a great set overall from Nike, even though I was actually fan of the Adidas set. Even the alt is tolerable, as long as they only wear it once a year. This is Nike's best offseason ever in terms of college football IMO
  16. The Ravens are a miss IMO. Not a huge fan of the braisher stripes on the helmet/pants and I would also keep the helmet black, and bring back the incorporation of gold as an accent color. Love the Maryland flag however! Jags are nearly perfect, glad you stayed away from the overused cheetah print
  17. As a Texans fan, I naturally would like to see what you have in store for them.. But from a design standpoint, I'm also interested in the Jaguars, Bucs, and Ravens. Keep up the great work!!!
  18. Panthers, Titans, Patriots, Cowboys and Cardinals are all upgrades and are very well done, nice work. Denver kind of looks like an Illinois ripoff right now, and not a fan of the Saints addition of teal or the number font. Jets and Bengals are okay and look nice as well
  19. I like the broncos orange helmets but would taper the helmet and pants stripes to match the modern style of the jersey. For the colts blue socks I would add the double stripe for consistency sake. I would take the striping off the Redskins helmet or atleast change it back to what it currently is, the ribbon motif just isn't working IMO. Also the yellow socks would stick out, I would change that to white with the striping from the white pants. Saints look good and original, great work overall!