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  1. I’ve been watching Texans games my whole life in person and on TV and not once have I thought that half of the logo gets “lost” on the navy lid. I think the thickness of the white outline helps with this. I think a white helmet would look good on it’s own but the navy helmet just compliments the other aspects of the uniform so much better and helps with the color balance. I’m hoping for minor tweaks here for the ‘Xans with the pants stripe or socks & to wear the battle red tops more, but nothing beyond that.
  2. Great concept for my team, the Texans. Although I love the number font they’ve always used, yours is good as well and fits with the brand. I love making battle red the primary top, as well as bringing back red socks on the road. Some comments: I’m not sold on the flag sleeve striping with the navy inserts on the sleeve caps, but it’s not bad. I also would leave the sleeve cuffs either navy on each uniform to match the collar, or the same color as the top.
  3. The Texans have a strong brand and a fantastic identity that’s aged well. Although a white helmet could work, I highly doubt they go away from the navy. If they were to make any tweaks, hopefully they just bring back the red socks on the road and wear the Battle Red tops more often. They could also adopt the color rush pants stripe full time. Maybe a slight change to the shoulder or collar striping. But if they aren’t able to use the Oilers colors for an alternate, I don’t see what other changes would realistically be an upgrade.
  4. Love this concept for the Bills. However, I would take the bold red stripe them even one step further with the most important element of the teams identity on the field, the helmet. Make the stripe red without any outlines, and the facemask blue. Keep up the good work!
  5. Think this will be a good switch for Baylor. The gold they’ve always used in football looks good on the helmets, but without Metallic pants to match it’s a terrible look. Hopefully black and volt will be gone completely as well and colors will be standardized across all sports.
  6. Beautiful. On the red uniform, I would keep the cursive “Buckeyes” script that the throwbacks have. Big fan favorite
  7. All of these crests are magnificent. For Uruguay: if you want to emphasize the sun and have them really own it, I would suggest making the flames slightly more fluid like the one on the flag, if that makes sense. I love the simplistic nature of your design, but I just feel like this feature would make the crest look less like a badge and more like a sun that I agree they absolutely should own.
  8. Good post and an interesting thought. Could be it’s own thread. I considered the Texas script to be “throwback style” not because it looked traditional to me in and of itself, but because it looks very similar (sans the tail) as the Clemens era uniforms from the 80’s. Agreed that it lacks a certain human element, but I’m a sucker for scripts in baseball regardless. Big fan of the Aggies new uniforms as well.
  9. Longhorns burnt orange uniforms will feature “Texas” in a throwback style cursive script.
  10. Looks good. I especially like the sock striping. If Notre Dame and OU were to meet in the final, I assume ND would be the home team, so I would love to see your take on a home version of these alternates for the Irish in either Navy or Green
  11. Incredible work. Love the Chargers and the decision to move the bolt to the sleeve, looking forward to your take on the Texans as well as the remaining teams.
  12. Other than the previously mentioned Ravens Blk/Purple/Mustard Uni, I actually like this combo from Oregon. I have a soft spot for these uniforms, but with that being said I think it works because 1) Oregon can get away with crazy combinations more so than the rest of us and 2) The green shoulders and yellow numbers connect the black jersey to the helmet and pants. Maybe an unpopular opinion. However, I was not a fan of these Kirk Cousins era alternates from Michigan State. Gold/Green/Blk just does not work as well here, especially for a school like Mich. St.
  13. Really wish the Ravens would go with purple pants on the road against a black heavy team like the Steelers. White pants would also be superior to the leotard look.
  14. Aggies wearing throwbacks from 1998 (big 12 championship season) for their matchup vs Kentucky in a few weeks. Very clean looking uniforms with the faux mesh look that adidas has done for Nebraska in the past. Really like the shiny helmets and white face masks and hope jimbo brings those back full time next season.
  15. This is a massive upgrade for Strake. Have you tried making only the Crusader's neck cross red? I think that would really make the logo pop and provide more consistency to past logos