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  1. Put the saints in shiny gold pants and the Texans in red socks and this turns into a great looking matchup. As is, it’s dark and lifeless.
  2. My jaw just dropped. Those long sleeve Rutgers uniforms are incredible. I’ve always loved looking at old photos of my grandfather from when he played in long sleeves and leather helmets. Adidas did a phenomenal job with these, an idea that I wouldn’t have thought could work in modern times yet they executed brilliantly. Expect to see a little more of this from other programs in the near future with other brands joining in as well, particularly as shoulder pads continue to shrink. I think the players will love the way they look in cold weather games as long as they aren’t restricting, which shouldn’t be too big of an issue with the jersey material Adidas uses.
  3. Interesting thought. I don’t hate the idea actually. But it’s kinda like the old saying goes “If you have 2 quarterbacks you don’t have one.” Having dual identities lessens either, and for that reason I think they should run with the blue/yellow full time, it’s a fan favorite and looks fantastic. To me, it is the Rams.
  4. The only problem I see with this thinking is that all facemasks have to match. Whereas equipment varies from player to player. Each player can wear different colored gloves, undershirts, even cleats, and although they would look more “uniform” if every player matched, that’s not how it’s done. But, the facemask has to match on each player. That’s why I consider it less of a equipment and more of a part of the uniform. That’s not to say I have anything against grey masks. I think they look good on the Niners, and I actually would love to see the Steelers wear them. But I wouldn’t want the Texans or a more modern looking team to adopt them randomly.
  5. Agreed with previous comments that the garnet helmet and black top should become South Carolina’s primary look. It’s beautiful. Also, the front of their jerseys should always read “Gamecocks” it’s a unique and awesome mascot and no one outside the state thinks of them when someone says “Carolina” Under Armour is so close to putting out consistently great looks... It’s the little things.
  6. Great work and visual here on the state of the uniforms in the SEC: A&M - loved seeing Jimbo simplify the combos in year 1, and the throwback was great. Miss. St. - The Bulldogs made the striping consistent, but couldn’t settle on a “look”. Do less. Ole Miss - Replacing the egg blue helmets with a generic white lid was one of the biggest downgrades in all of college football last season, IMO. They only wore their primary road uniform once, and the navy home tops once. Arkansas - A good set for a not so good team. Looking forward to the McFadden era threads this fall. Georgia - The Dawgs always look sharp. Hoping to see the Black top for a night game between the hedges this season. Wish list going forward: Red britches for a couple of road games a year. Kentucky - Their primary looks are solid with either a blue or white lid. They lose me when they start wearing anthracite and chrome. Florida - Some of my favorite uniforms in the NCAA. They’re not perfect, but damn does it work. The throwbacks will be another good look this season. As long as they stay away from wearing gator skin they’ll look incredible regardless of what combo they wear. South Carolina - I’m not a fan of the matte black domes, but other than that the Gamecocks have a really sleek look. Mizzou - Good uniforms, poor use of combos. They insist on looking like Darth Vader or his stormtroopers every week. Wear gold pants with black lids 80% of the time and you’re golden. Vanderbilt - The numbers were too thin and the gold too khaki. But overall not a bad design with the anchor helmets. Bama, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee - Fantastic.
  7. Interesting take. I disagree from a purely aesthetical standpoint, but it was a really cool tradition. Here’s a great article on the switch
  8. I actually think Notre Dame’s current pants shade works well for them as a nice vintage look. There’s no way to match pants to the level of shininess that’s on their golden domes. However, for both them and Georgia (silver britches) I think a return to mettalic pants would be welcomed. I could go either way. For FSU, it’s a must.
  9. I believe Kansas State still wears the metallic silver pants and it looks fantastic. Who are some other college teams you all would like to see switch back to metallic pants? The first one that comes to mind for me is Florida State’s gold pants. The khaki doesn’t work for them.
  10. FWIW, the fan base hated these. A good concept that didn’t work as well in practice because they looked like lightning bolts. As @Clintau24 said, the Hogs set last year was a really solid look, and it’ll still be in the rotation for at least another season. But, this is what the fan base has been calling for. From our neutral perspective on the boards, we want each team to look unique and own their “look” as it would be if we were the ones creating the concepts in our own perfect world. But that’s not always what works best for the team. This is Arkansas’ best look. In regards to looking like a bootleg OU, they don’t play OU. You don’t change your whole identity based on another team that you rarely play. That’s why the Brewers should go back to Blue and Yellow, but even if they do that shouldn’t prevent the Mariners from doing the same. The same goes for the Rockets and the Hawks. Hell, Nebraska and Wisconsin looked nearly identical for years. But those were the best looks for each team individually. A non-rival shouldn’t dictate what you do as a program aesthetically. Expect Arkansas to add a white version and go with these full-time in 2020.
  11. Really hoping these are the standard uniforms for the Hogs and not just an alternate. Weird they wouldn’t include a white version in the reveal if these were a new, permanent set. With that being said, these are fantastic. The Hog on the sleeves is the best part, and it’s what the fan base wanted. They don’t play OU, so not sure why it matters if they look similar.
  12. Well done, really think it pops more this way. Adding some white to the pant stripes might breath some life into them, although they look good as is. For Texas, I hear you. Still a good look but not a fan of the number font. Looking forward to the Aggies!
  13. Great look for the Dawgs. I hope Nike goes back to collar stripes like these at some point since they should be able to on this template. Not everyone needs a logo on the collar. I love Georgia’s current set but these would make for a really nice throwback look, as would an away version of these. Good work!
  14. Colorado St. looks good. Big fan of that sleeve striping, although I am curious if it would look better if you matched what you did on the orange alt and made the shoulder stripe white on the home and gold on the away, while keeping the sleeve caps how you have them now. For Texas, I wouldn’t be a fan of them adopting an orange helmet but the cream color looks good on the alternate. Since you are taking requests, can you do Texas A&M next? Keep up the good work!
  15. This is why I love their color rush. The CR jersey top needs to be adopted full time. But the white pants are better than wearing tan or the stripeless black.