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  1. When you said piping and yokes, I got nervous. But this is a great concept. Reminds me of the early 2000s Miami uni’s. My only changes would be to return to red numbers on the road (the navy looks good too), with red socks always being worn with navy pants, and striping on the navy socks to mimic the flag. Could also do white socks with striping for the navy pants to match the helmet.
  2. Gators will look brilliant this weekend. I am shocked by how much I like that look, as a one off. Would prefer a glossy shell, but the script, white face mask and striping is all consistent with their normal look. I can understand why if they were going to wear a blue lid in a non-throwback way, this was the time to try it. Tennessee wears orange with white lids. The blue lids and pants should look great. Big fan of most of the changes Florida has made under the Jordan brand.
  3. Makes life hell for the equipment staff? Having to look at the front or the back of the jersey is hell now? Good grief man, give me a break. They signed up for this. Someone was on here last week complaining about having to re-paint the Notre Dame helmets each week, which used to be a tradition. I guess going the extra mile to make something special just isn’t valued like it once was. Its a damn shame if you ask me. End rant
  4. Just seemed to be a green tint to the lids Saturday night. Maybe it was my tv. I preferred the gold used during the Brady Quinn years. Not concerned with how it’s painted, just how it looks.
  5. Hate how they look green on TV now. Would look great for South Florida, but they need to go back to the true gold, in my opinion
  6. Gators going with the blue pants tomorrow. Assuming A&M will be in the standard maroon tops with white pants. Should be a great looking matchup. The last time Florida came to Kyle field was Manziel‘s first start and the Aggies first game in the SEC. A&M wore their new adidas uniforms with the shoulder stripes, while Florida (still outfitted by Nike) went all white the Orange lids. A&M lost by a field goal, which proved to be the difference in them going to the SEC championship game over Alabama.
  7. The stirrup is.... beautiful. Well done. I prefer the blue they use currently, but don’t hate the navy. Great series so far man.
  8. This is a traditional A&M uniform. I think everyone liked the previous set when it was revealed, but it’s tied to the Sumlin era. The removal of the number beveling, helmet finish back to glossy, and white masks were necessary changes. I know some would have liked to keep the shoulder stripes, but this is a no-nonsense look and fits the mentality Jimbo is trying to bring back to the program. Nothing flashy, let the play on the field speak for itself. I think the players and fans will both like these uniforms. Wear white socks always, and white pants on the road!
  9. Was really hoping to see maroon collars and cuffs on the away uniforms. Adidas fan jerseys are vastly inferior to what Nike produces. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the new custom number font. I’m not a fan of the trend of random notches in numbers but these look very subtle. Overall, a massive upgrade with the return of glossy helmets and white face mask with an enlarged wordmark. As an Aggie, I really like the look. I do think white socks would be much better than black.
  10. I realize I am probably in the minority here, but I much prefer this striping on the away's to what they have currently. The floating stripes look fine, and I understand they provide consistency. But when paired with the current away numbers, this look would be consistent as well, sharper overall, and historically relevant. Count me as a fan of the above Emmit Smith orange jersey as well. The blue just pops so much more as the middle stripe. Florida has great uniforms, some of the best in all of college football but I think they are still a few tweaks away from perfection. Not a fan of the white alternate lids, but the throwbacks vs Auburn last year were top notch.
  11. Really feeling this look for the Texans the more I look at it. Would love to see a red alt uniform and some navy pants as well. I think you could incorporate some of your flag striping on the socks. I like the white helmet and the pants striping a lot. The Jersey is a creative take on the bull horns, which are a little loud but definitely fun. Good work! I like the Colts and Steelers too, as a concept.
  12. Wow, great work on the Texans. As a fan, most concepts I see do incorporate the Texas flag, but typically they miss the mark by overdoing it. Your striping pattern is excellent. I like their current wordmark package and number font, but yours is strong as well. A few nitpicks (based on my personal preference): I definitely think you need white numbers at home. The red color rush numbers look pink on TV. Also, a navy mask. The modern look you have doesn’t flow as well with the traditional grey mask. Finally, go with your “road” socks for all uniforms.
  13. Hey man, no disrespect intended here because your comment was eloquently worded. But it’s a leprechaun. No different than Lucky Charms. No one is being harmed, in this instance.
  14. Agreed. Although there is no way Jordan would allow schools to have an exclusive over the entire conference. If Alabama wanted to go with Jordan, they would find a way to make it happen. Far more likely that Jordan is just protecting their brand, as they always have. South Carolina wouldn’t make sense, but USC west coast would. Curious to see who the next school will be to jump on board.
  15. Old uniform bad. New uniform good. There you go, pal. ”Docking points” was a figure of speech. I’m not actually grading them like this is the SAT. Just my ranking, based on my opinion, which is ultimately completely irrelevant but fun to do nonetheless. I like the Bucs uniforms. But I’m not going to ignore the atrocities they trotted out there the last 5 years. I’m not going to worship them for going back to a uniform they never should have parted with in the first place. Oh, and I like the Colts look slightly more. Simple as that. Like I said, my opinion does not matter more than anyone else’s. But since you seem to care very much, that’s my thought process.
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