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  1. I think a single stripe on the pants would work wonders here, as opposed to the Adidas soccer shorts look. Great concept!
  2. Ok, I’ve settled down a little and have some thoughts. Yes, the gradient is hot garbage. Yes, the uniforms are gimmicky and are already outdated and look like a one-off set for Texas Tech. However, there are some good combos here. Home: Black/White/Black Black/white/red Throwback Black/Black/Red Black/Red/Black Red/Black/Red Away: White/Black/Red White/Red/Black White/White/Black White/White/Red The problem is, I don’t trust them to use the combos correctly and fully expect nothing but monochrome looks and leotards.
  3. I think the current set is extremely well designed, and was perfect for A&M as we moved into the SEC with a high-powered Sumlin offense led by Manziel and Evans in 2012. In general I think Aggies like the uniforms, but the combos went overboard and the play on the field went down after Johnny left. With Jimbo at the helm, we want a return to the classic, no-nonsense design. The bevels look fine on the numbers, but they look bad on the logo that inspires them. The glossy maroon helmets and white facemasks are superior to the satin lids and grey masks. I will say, I do like the shoulder and pants striping.
  4. Living in Houston, I can tell you that I know zero Oilers fans who would still root for the Titans over the Texans. There is no love for the Adams family here. You will find a ton of Cowboys or Saints fans, but very few Titans fans. However, as much as I love the Oilers colors, logos, uniforms and brand, I think it belongs with the Titans. If they want to wear it as a throwback, they should wear it against Houston. The Texans need to wear their red tops more and emphasize their current brand, which is quite strong on its own. And fire O’Brien.
  5. I expect A&M to adopt a version of their ‘98 throwbacks also full time. Mond, the AD, and the equipment staff have all responded to tweets which indicate this. I think we’ll see the shoulder stripes removed, the bevel taken off the number font, an enlarged “Texas A&M” across the front with white facemasks. Probably a pair of maroon pants to wear on the road as well.
  6. @TheAdmiral I just prefer white shoes to black for indoor games for whatever reason, and all their home games are indoor. I hear you on the blue pants, I would just like to see them once or twice a year on the road with white striped socks to mix it up a little. Biggest thing for me though is the Unitas font.
  7. In my perfect world, the colts would go to a double stripe on the helmet, blue mask, color rush number font, and occasional blue pants on the road. Striped socks always with white spikes. But I know that the grey mask and black shoes are their thing as well, so it probably won’t happen.
  8. Bucs Instagram account just posted a video of Godwin, Lavonte David and Devin White getting a sneak peek at the new uniforms. There are 3, and the players all seemed to like them. Coming in April....Godwin described them as “clean”
  9. @Ark still my favorite NFL uniform of all time. The logo, the helmet, the striping, the colors and the combos. Perfect.
  10. You put this much more eloquently than I would have, so thanks for that. Really enjoy the seeing the evolution gif of this. I would echo @8BW14 about maybe closing the mouth altogether. I think taking away the sharp lines on the mouth and shrinking the horns and slightly changing their angles to a more vertical approach like others have stated would help. Good work
  11. Good start. I think the mouth needs some work as well. Other people may be able to provide better input, but I think the abundance of sharp lines on the head portion contrasts a little too much with the smooth, rounded horns. This may have been completely unintentional, but the eye on option 1 almost looks like an “LA” to me. I prefer that one to option 2 personally. Keep it going!
  12. I’ve been going to Texans games and watching them on TV since the beginning and not once has the logo been “lost” to me on the navy lid. Far superior to the conceptual white helmet they revealed before the navy one. Now they just need to wear the Battle red uniforms as primaries and go back to red socks on the road. I also prefer the red helmet for Atlanta, and could go either way for the Bills. But I don’t think those logos get lost either.
  13. That Arkansas hat would make for a great Arizona state cap.
  14. Incredible concept and presentation. Every combo looks good. I would echo that their current font is probably better than this one. For the pants stripe, I would flip it from bottom heavy to top. I think the name and swoosh on the white tops should be red. Other than that, this set would be a tremendous upgrade that I think Falcons fans everywhere would embrace. Good work!
  15. Lakers over Celtics in 2010 was the first one that popped into my head as well. The last time in happened in each of the other major sports: MLB - A’s over the Giants in 1989 NFL- Packers over Steelers in 2011 NHL- Penguins over Sharks in 2016 (San Jose’s teal is more green to me than blue) NCAA Hoops- San Francisco over Iowa in 1956 College World Series- LSU over Texas in 2009. Aplogies for getting off topic - just was an interesting thought to me. That’s how you know College football season has ended.