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  1. They are what we thought they were
  2. Not just backward but a different design. His shoulder bolts have more points on them before they switch direction in the center than all the other shoulder bolts in the photo . So an extra segment longer on (assuming) each end of the bolt
  3. interesting that the bears logo has cream instead of white.
  4. Not saying if it would look better or not, but I'd like the see the Rams' helmet with a logo stylized like the ram's horn in the logo. Just for consistency's sake.
  5. I’m guessing the serifs in the TV numbers will always be pointing backwards, so different fonts on each shoulder. Just like the swooshes.
  6. While we're throwing out shell guesses for the titans, I think they could stay white but add a subtle marble pattern to it. That's drastic, eh?
  7. The tail is reading more dolphinish to me. I think it is because both points of the tail are the same color of the belly of the shark, making it appear like it is the underside of a horizontally branched tail, while in sharks the tail is branched vertically. Maybe make one of the fins the color of the shark’s back and head?
  8. So with the above Bears graphic (noting it says subject to change), combined with the attached lions announcement from a while back, will it be navy vs charcoal in wk 15? bad idea that can't happen.
  9. Safe to assume that the bears won't be in navy for the color rush game against the charcoal Lions? White? Or ... *giddy* ... orange?
  10. The digitally colored endzones in the jets dolphins game do not look good.
  11. I'm not sure if I like that the tail of the roadrunner is coming out of its neck/upper back. I understand that it is a logo but it makes it look like a tailless bird wearing a cape to me. Full disclosure: I study birds for a living so it probably bothers me more than the average person. Also, you spelled the city name wrong.