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  1. I like the teeth addition for Perth and the Adelaide jerseys
  2. San Antonio was the one I waiting for and it looks Great
  3. Gold coast looks much better and for Perth I like the idea of using the terrier and starting over.
  4. The font and logo look great but I don't think the surfboard and the surfer should be all blue. I think you should change the color of the board.
  5. I like the idea of the soccer crest and I think you should use a soccer crest on Perth since it is the oldest team in the league.
  6. I like the jersey designs and the team crests. Also I like the idea of an all Texas League.
  7. I think my favorite logo is your team the warhawks because of the colors and the jersey. For the Voodoo I think you should add the shadows to the wrapping to see how it looks and if it's too much detail then change it back to the original.
  8. This will probably become one of my favorite series on here because of the backstory and all of the uniforms