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  1. really liking both the BC Lions and Toronto Argonauts concepts -- the Boatmen logo has always been one of my favorites for Toronto. Not quite sold on light blue uniforms for the Argos, would rather see dark blue jerseys.
  2. I would say only the traditional teams that wore them, the Ticats and the Alouettes... the others never wore them to my recollection and I go back to the early '80s...
  3. I really like this for a Montreal Alouettes uniform -- excellent look!
  4. Love it so far -- big CFL fan here, so it's nice to see some classic looks with a modern edge.
  5. Love it, definitely think the D looks incomplete, should be all orange, so the white bucking bronco stands out more. I get the idea with the mountains in the background on the D, but it just gets lost at any distance. Otherwise, I love the concept!
  6. Speaking as a diehard Eagles fan, I love this concept. I do kind of like the black in their current uniforms, but I love this version, love the wordmark as well. I'm not a fan of color rush uniforms in general, but the all-gray is an interesting concept that actually works. Great job!
  7. I like it a lot, and since the Argos abandoned their Boatmen look (which I loved), this is a great concept. Big thumbs up!
  8. Question -- are attachments no longer supported on posts? That was the best way I have been able to display my concept league in the Sports Fan Fiction section. I have not been on for most of the fall season because I was tied up with work, but when I checked up on my concept league thread (the Continental Football League), all of my attachments except the two most recent had disappeared. There is also no option to post attachments. How can I go about updating and posting my "helmet walls" going forward?
  9. Just came in late to this thread, and I have to go with Grays -- I love the logo (especially the wedge shape, it's just much cleaner and looks sharper than the "spiky" shape). I like the copper and silver combination best.
  10. I like it -- I'm actually a big fan of the midnight green -- I'm a lifelong Eagles fan and I never liked the kelly green that much... I prefer the white numbers on the home uniforms. I would put a white outline around the green numbers -- it's very difficult to see the green numbers at a distance.
  11. Looks really good, I like the whole concept! I still like the metallic-gold lighting bolt better, but that's personal preference
  12. I'm loving this series -- I think my favorites so far are the Texans and Titans, just excellent concepts all around. The Texans helmet looks like the original idea for the actual team when it was introduced, but that's a good thing. Really love the double-blue concept for the Titans -- I have a similar uniform concept for my Memphis Blues team. There are some concepts I like better than others, but that's just personal taste -- not a fan of the lighter blue for Denver and I don't think the Jaguars can be saved by anyone. Atlanta looks great and I like your Lions concept with the lion head logo. Looking forward to seeing my Eagles -- it's been about 45 years since they wore white helmets!
  13. I like it... Only change might be to make the letters all the same size, other than that, looks great!
  14. Absolutely beautiful job on the Atlanta Flames -- a little similar to the Adirondack Flames in their one and only season in Glens Falls last year, but better... Love the "flames" on the sides of the jerseys!
  15. I'm an Eagles diehard, but the midnight green unis have really been my favorite for the last 20 years. I literally didn't own any Eagles paraphernalia as a kid/teenager in the '80s because I didn't like the kelly green. That said, I love your 1979 alternate Eagles uniforms -- beautiful look! Makes me nostalgic... I'm not a big fan of the NFL's insistence on giving us awful "color rush" uniforms, but I don't mind some of them, like the Eagles...
  16. Awesome -- love the Atlanta Flames' look, great to see their classic logo!
  17. Definitely Eagles vs. Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX, Buffalo's wide right in Super Bowl XXV, and the Patriots' imperfect ending in 2007-08... If I want to get greedy, Eagles vs. Raiders in Super Bowl XV ... *sigh* Eagles fan, scarred for life...
  18. Love to see the Atlanta Flames... always been a sucker for that logo...
  19. I'm a longtime Eagles fan (since I was 10) so I came in during the Ron Jawoski/Wilbert Montgomery kelly green and silver era... I never actually liked the old green and I never owned any Eagles merchandise until they changed to the current midnight green, which I much prefer. That said, it's an interesting take on the helmet wings, replacing them with the back of the Eagle head logo. I like the idea of using the kelly green with the midnight green instead of black. The uniforms pop with that combination. I do prefer the midnight green look of the alternates, but I would go with white numbers -- the silver-gray looks kind of dull. And the godawful yellow and blue throwback uniforms need to be burned. You did a nice take on them, though, considering what you're given to work with.
  20. Love them, even with the silver helmet... maybe silver pants, but I really like the look with just blue, white and red.
  21. Really nice logo... there's a local high school nicknamed the Golden Eagles here, but they use a realistic-style drawing of an eagle head for their sports logo http://hometeamsonline.com/teams/?u=GALWAYATHLETICS&s=org&t=c
  22. I love the designs for the Whalers, North Stars and Nordiques -- all nicely rendered. The Whalers kind of reminds me of the 1983 Washington Federals (USFL). Would love to see the all-blue Nordiques road look. Now you REALLY need an Atlanta Flames uniform to wash away the bad taste of the Thrashers' awful set!