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  1. Looks like the new West Virginia uniforms has leaked. Gray alternate has returned and from the tweet (which seems to have been deleted) the all gold set is hidden behind the players in front. Not a huge fan of gray, but it looks to me like the set as a whole is an upgrade.
  2. @ericaeboleyn "Yayy I'm not the only one being quoted now!!" -Erica Boleyn

  3. Madden 05 and 06 got the Bengals new at the time uniforms incorrect, the numbers in 05 were from the Broncos, and in 06 block numbers.
  4. RT @markmartin: Excited to see our '98 paint scheme on @tbayne6's No. 6 @advocare Ford with @roushfenway @TooToughToTame! #throwback http:/…

  5. "Live" spelled backwards is "evil". Coincidence? I think not.

  6. My mom just called Larry the Cucumber zucchini.

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