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  1. ouch, 6-9, I need to step up my game Denver over Indy Detroit over Chicago Chargers over Kansas City New Orleans over Jets Jacksonville over Houston Washington over Arizona Miami over Buffalo Minnesota over Cincinnati Baltimore over Cleveland Philly over Giants Green Bay over Carolina Seattle over Rams New England over Pittsburgh Tennessee over San Fran Dallas over Oakland Atlanta over Tampa Bay
  2. Glad you're back. I can imagine all the 6-pointers (forget the actual name) for any team playing in Denver, like the Rockies on steroids.
  3. This is a little late but I’ll take it cincinnati over Chicago Buffalo over Indy Dalas over Giants Green Bay over Cleveland Detroit over Tampa Minnesota over Carolina Houston over San Fran Oakland over Kansas City Chargers over Washington Tennessee over Arizona Jets over Denver Rams over Philly Seattle over Jacksonville Pittsburgh over Baltimore Nee England over Miami
  4. These are awesome, I've always wondered how it'll look if every city was like Pittsburgh. May I suggest Philadelphia and Tampa Bay?
  5. I completely forgot about this, well might as well start now. Dallas over Washington Detroit over Baltimore New England over Buffalo Chicago over San Fran Jacksonville over Indy Denver over Miami Tennessee over Houston Kansas City over NY Jets Atlanta over Minnesota Green Bay over Tampa Bay San Diego over CLeveLand St Louis over Arizona Oakland over NY Giants New Orleans over Carolina Seattle over Philly Pittsburgh over Cincy
  6. having the blue numbers do help being able to see the numbers compared to the red, but at the same time even though the red numbers look bad, especially with the silver pants, I feel the red numbers has a slight classic look to them
  7. as much as I wanted a Bucco Bruce vs Pat Patriot, this game would definitely be one of the better Throwback Thursday Jerseys
  8. These are awesome, can't wait for the Buccs, since Bucco Bruce doesn't work on pewter I'm curious to see what you can do
  9. now these! look amazing, if only they used these irl
  10. Forgot to clarify, sorry bout that, the original color they wore on their expansion jerseys
  11. I like the take on the patriots helmet, its not one I've seen in awhile. My only complaint is the Pats did start wearing blue until the 90s. Though it would be weird for the Pats to wear red vs the Chiefs.
  12. This set is pretty good, I'm curious what you could do with their old teal, instead of the green/blue that they wear now
  13. These are all really awesome, I like the history you added into these teams. I also like the references to Pixar and Parks and Recs in the sponsors, my only problem is that Mision San Buenaventura, are sponsored by a beer company, just seemed weird for a Mission-style team to be sponsored by beer.
  14. Flyers, Bolts, and Islanders are interesting takes on currently simplistic designs, same with the Wild. Though on not sold on the Canadians not having a chest stripe. Ill request me Sharks of San Jose as the next team.
  15. Rams Everyone's picking the Buccs??? Even as a Buccs fan I can't believe it. MIN wins Baltimore denver Carolina Pittsburgh Detroit (surprising I know) Cleveland (even more surprising that it's not surprising) New England Miami Eagles Seattle Green Bay Kansas City Oakland Dallas
  16. When will lacrosse become mainstream? Either the MLL or NLL, I personally prefer watching Field, but Box isn't that bad, I just can't stand the goalie uniforms. Currently the MLL has 9 teams, all along the east coast except Denver. During the 2016 offseason i specifically remember Gross explaining the expansion plan, which was to get around 14-16 teams by 2022, which included expansion in 2017 to even the field at 10 teams. Most rumors have Dallas or Houston getting a team (or even the Rochester Rattlers relocating to one of those cities) but the MLL has dismissed any rumors and Gross is stepping down this season so I doubt they'll be anything major this season. The NLL has 9 teams but they announced an expansion team to San Diego this season, and potentially Philadelphia as well. The last 4-5 seasons in the NLL have been rather stable (besides a butt load of relocation). And more and more MLL players have started playing in the NLL during the MLL offseason. But I wouldn't be surprised if the San Diego team folds in a few seasons if the owner doesn't get his desired NBA team. I could see both leagues becoming mainstream, but there's only room for one, since there's already 5 mainstream sports leagues in the US and Canada (6 if you count the CFL). I think the MLL has the greatest chance due to their growth and slow approach to 16 teams, at least compared to the MLS which started only a few seasons before it and is already pushing 24 teams.
  17. Houston.... oh wait. Tampa Baltimore Carolina Arizona Tennessee Philly (shocker what am I doing? I don't even know) NE Pitsburgh Chargers Oakland Dallas Washington Seattle Green Bay Giants
  18. Not sure if you're still doing this. Can I get an updated Cleveland Ghosts sig, they won another Victory Bowl a few seasons ago. I was gonna say can I get it combined with a Nova Scotia Claymores but they seemed to have relocated. Can I get it combined with a Minnesota Lumberjacks from the PHL? Thanks
  19. The sleeve colors are good. But instead of sublimated stripes on the blue, maybe sublimated stars?
  20. Also, Tampa Yankees is inbetween Clreawater and Lakeland not Bradenton and Fort Myers
  21. You have Clearwater above Dunedin when in real life it's the opposite, can't really see any other mistakes. Great work
  22. I prefer the colorings of the top left one. But I prefer wordmark to be like the bottom ones, also the top left one needs a pupil. Will you be doing any jerseys?
  23. I'm voting Hillsborough, not only because that's who I would support, it they are one of the best on here
  24. I kinda like the 'Sota on the jerseys, but I think Wolves would look better. Also as much as I like Lime Green, I think black would work better for an alternate
  25. Definitely one of the best Coyotes concepts I've seen. I've actually thought of doing something like that for the Diamondbacks. Teal doesn't seem to contrast to well the with the dark red, maybe try a purple instead?
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