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  1. the division logos are interesting, I liked how you took slight symbolism in them and I love the keystone reference of my home state my only concern is how some people may not like the Confederate feeling to the Heartland. It'd be different if it was for just Alabama or Florida as its similar to their flags but I'm assuming its for multiple states, but you do you. Brooklyn looks interesting. I look forward to keeping up
  2. I forgot to do my wacky stupid playoff predictions for the wildcard round oh well Chicago Bears over Cali fat dolphins Boston Cap'n gowns over Pontiac Firebirds N'orlens No Funny Names Here over Tampa Bay GenericKatz Green Bay Wolves over Kansas City Ravens... oh Lenore
  3. Im late to the party, as a Florida resident these are amazing. Stegasaurus' are my favorite dinosaur so its about time I see a concept of one on here. Can't wait to see more (especially if thats Plant City on that map).
  4. Houston Stranglers over Bawstawn Oh Cap'n My Cap'n Guardians of Chris Pratt beat Bay of Tampa Robert's Cats
  5. I forgot to give my spoof game predictions for the wild card round, so here goes nothing Guardians of the Victory Bowl defeat Seattle Cubbies State of Weed 100s over Tampa Bay Generic Cats Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees (just like this year) Rome Gladiators over the Houston Disasters
  6. a 13 year contract, a potential mob connection, and a relocation, all in one summer, daaaaang, this is gonna be great
  7. Interesting. how do you plan to deal with the World Wars and Spanish Civil War?
  8. Someone has probably asked you this before. But currently there are 28 teams in the league, and I'm assuming once we get caught up to present day you'll either finish it or do something else with it. But I was wondering how many teams do you plan to have by then? 30, 32, or more?
  9. Jimmothy Michels Silver. A multi-millionaire from Portland, made his money on selling overpriced sporting ware called "QuickSilver". Known world wide as eccentric, his love of sports stems from his enthusiasm. He hopes one day to own many teams in Portland, but for now he'll settle for being on the consul for expansion. 1 Los Angeles 2 Minneapolis 3 Dallas
  10. Denver is woah... definitely prefer the retro, but I think it fits the time period very well... but that logo... yikes...
  11. Looks like the New Jersey Sharks got a... NEW JERSEY
  12. Hey he's back! Don't worry about the delay, I know what its like to be struggling with depression, so take as long as a break as needed, though I'm looking forward to all the new uniforms and stories, and hopefully a few more Bowls for my Ghosts!
  13. Feels bad for Edmonton, was hoping they could make their first Cup. ok, I mustve missed that
  14. its been awhile, excited for the playoffs. I forgot, what are the leading cities to land the Sound?