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  2. Oh boy. First time scrolling through concepts in awhile and I see this. My first criticism is how you give 1 sentence explanations for the names of the more obvious ones (like Boston and Toronto) yet for say Sacramento and Charlotte no explanation. Though I like to figure out reasons for names though. Sacramento Kraken: Oh boy. Sacramento, one of my favorite cities to see concepts for and Kraken, one of my favorite names. Together. Why? THeyre not near the Bay or any ocean. There is the Sacramento River, but then something like River Monsters could fit. But hey, this is football and we see weird names all the time. As for the concept its pretty good, though gives me Sparky Chewbacca vibes (probably why you choose Sacramento now that I think about it) curious to see their uniforms as the colors are an interesting pick. Toronto Lakers: Good logo, good team name. Not really much to say. Color scheme is good. Boston Mariners: Probably one of the more solid ones here. The purple and light blue have always been a favorite of mine. Wonder how you'll implement the logo on the helmet Houston Voyagers: Literally nothing to say here, except, please let the helmet logo be the space ship. London Royals: I kinda was hoping for a more unique name, however if the NFL moved there I see no reason for them to not do a royal/monarchy theme. Winnipeg Blizzard: I'm assuming the token white-at-home team? Almost always a favorite. Though unsure how Winnipeg got a team if only 6 Canadian cities got a team. Seattle Shockwave: Uh, not sure why but the name bothers me. But MJWalker's point also stands. St Louis Legion: I have an idea for their helmet design but I won't mention it because its impractical. Charlotte Flyers: ... Carolina Flyers fits better than Charlotte as Washington DC is closer to Kitty Hawk then Charlotte. Though if the logo was designed based off of cars "flying through the track" it'd make more sense for it being Charlotte. Really the only one I have major problems with. Also 2 teams with primary purple seems odd, even if the shades and secondaries are different. LA Tides: Most underwhelming, it'd be fine if it was anything but LA. LA is either an already established brand or something extravagant not 2 tone blue. Baltimore Warriors: The B in the Baltimore flag shield looks off with the way the pattern is, slight adjustment would help. Like the logos. Buffalo Polar Bears: Another 2 tone/mostly blue team? I just want to see the jerseys for them. I always liked the name Polar Bears or Polars but never really thought about it besides hockey in some capacity
  3. the division logos are interesting, I liked how you took slight symbolism in them and I love the keystone reference of my home state my only concern is how some people may not like the Confederate feeling to the Heartland. It'd be different if it was for just Alabama or Florida as its similar to their flags but I'm assuming its for multiple states, but you do you. Brooklyn looks interesting. I look forward to keeping up
  4. Im late to the party, as a Florida resident these are amazing. Stegasaurus' are my favorite dinosaur so its about time I see a concept of one on here. Can't wait to see more (especially if thats Plant City on that map).
  5. Atlanta's away jersey is amazing. I was not expecting San Antonio to be in here, was thinking either Dallas or Portland, so I'll go with both of those as my guesses for the final team.
  6. oh dear sweet baby Jesus, what ARE those???? actually compared to what was worn a few decades ago for TATC these are a much better improvement
  7. wow both teams I was cheering for lost, guess I have to go with Detroit
  8. Since Colorado looks similar to Philly, what if you do purple and Burgundy? since the Rockies use purple and its a color usually associated with Colorado due to Pikes Peak and purple mountain majesty (which can also be used for Canada but also used with Colorado)
  9. Sacramento and Pacifica in the finals
  10. Charlotte Sacramento Pacifica Detroit
  11. Commonwealth Charlotte Sacramento Miami Pacifica Santa Monica Venice Beach Brooklyn
  12. Sacramento with Daytona as runners up Venice Beach with Salt Lake as runners-up Pittsburgh with Brooklyn as runners up Miami with Fort Pitt as runners-up
  13. Pacifica with Austin as runners up Willis and Harlem as runners up Santa Monica with Charlotte as runners up Lubbock with Scranton as runners up
  14. North Star with Charlotte as runners up Dallas with Venice Beach as runners up Willis United with Sacramento as runners up Deportivo with Providence as runners up
  15. Group I Pacifica and Princeton as runners up Group J El Paso and Detroit as runners up Group K Hartford and Harlem as runners up Group L Fort Pitt with Austin as runners up
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